Police Brutality: Horrific!

JBT_ChristinaWestRead and watch video…watch a bit then shift to 16:00…Video is available here.

This is HORRIFIC…VLA comment:  I am shaking after watching this video.  This gal..yes she was a bit inebriated-but nice.  When they put the handcuffs on her she was begging them to call her husband who was taking care of the 2 kids.  She was solely concerned about the fact that she had the car with the baby seats.and then watch what happens by these fucking asshole pigs!

3 thoughts on “Police Brutality: Horrific!

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  2. Benjamin

    I don’t think that they had reason for her arrest other than the huge pile of money that will be generated for the court system. In all probability the P.D. will get federal funds to increase the DUI scam they work.
    The positive thing is, she didn’t run towards them and commit suiside by Cop like in the Carolina’s.

    It is my hope that all Officers suffer financially now or in the future for the excess use of force. It is hard to give any respect to these thugs.

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