Police Tyranny: Stop & Seize – Civil Forfeiture (Series Washington Post)


Police are being trained by private firms in “highway interdiction” techniques.  Police follow and stop  motorists for as little as not putting on their signal for changing lanes.  They particularly target out of state cars, especially cars from states that have legalized marijuana.  Police have seized billiions of dollars nationwide without warrants or cause.  In this series is one story about an Iowa seizure of a california licensed car. The two men were poker gamblers carry 100,000 in cash.  They were detained….took their money…and is in a lawsuit…

If allowed to proceed, the lawsuit could illuminate the widespread but little-known police practice known as “highway interdiction.” The suit names Desert Snow, the Oklahoma-based training firm, and its founder, Joe David, court records show. It also names the two Iowa State Patrol troopers who participated in the traffic stop and were trained by Desert Snow.

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