The Road to Demascas: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria

Brandon Turbeville FOX radio interview.  A must hear if you want to finally hear the truth, historical and current, about America’s assault on the middle east listen to this broadcast.  After hearing this (and perhaps reading his book)  you need not seek any more inquiry of what is really going on in our middle east long wars.  The endgame is the destruction of Russia.Listen to Fox news affiliate interview

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Brandon Turbeville presents a detailed and wide-ranging discussion and exposé of the unfolding crisis in Syria. He argues that the tragic events still currently taking place inside embattled Middle Eastern nation are not the result of an organic revolution, but rather is a carefully orchestrated outside assault against the people of Syria and their government by Western powers such as the United States, Britain, France as well as the ever-present satellite of Israel. Turbeville deconstructs the mainstream Western narrative surrounding the crisis, exposes blatant lies and propaganda, and provides a more accurate picture of the players who make up the ranks of the so-called “Syrian rebels. Read Activist post for summary of the book

NATO_AirStrikes_WarCrime-300x249-1Go to Brandon

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