SB 277 The End of Vaccine Exemption passes-Goes to Governor Brown for signing (CA.)

California Assembly approves one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation read more…

SACRAMENTO — After months of rancorous debate and emotional pleas from parents, a bill that would force most Californians to vaccinate their children cleared its last major legislative hurdle on Thursday.So now the only question is: Will California’s famously unpredictable governor give the measure his blessing? Senate Bill 277, which mandates vaccinations for all schoolchildren regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs, passed on a 46-to-30 vote in the state.

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VLA COMMENT:  It was a New York Fed Court that started this…and California has just played its part…Very convenient for Bill Gates “Virtual Schools” with Common Core Curriculum and so in tune with UN Agenda 21.



1 thought on “SB 277 The End of Vaccine Exemption passes-Goes to Governor Brown for signing (CA.)

  1. Frank Toth

    Hi! Eileen

    Talk about total communism!! being rammed down the throats of every American!
    If there was ever a time to bear arms the time would be NOW!!,I do not understand why anyone would put up with this GARBAGE!,but I know!,they want a civil war so they can call MARTIAL LAW!!.That is why they are running the Jade Helm exercises and have shut down so many Wall-Marts in the tough Pro-Gun states and are more than likely going to use them as interment camps.

    Please keep up the good fight as long as you can!!,we need more people like you to get the word out!
    I know it is not said as often as it should,but A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU AND EVERYONE WHO IS ON YOUR TEAM.
    Frank Toth
    From Kanuckistan or (Canada for those who do not know the slang)

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