Vaccination is a Civic Duty (The Independent, UK)

INDEPENDENT.CO.UK  Seems like this paper if very pro vaccines:J) Tuesday,

November 19, 2014.  VLA comment: The establishment is really taking every avenue to ensure that everyone is vaccinated despite adverse reactions and admitted ineffectiveness: Hospital employees, social care workers, school children, maritime, military

Getting Vaccinated is a Civic Duty


Choice Excerpts: A report launched on Tuesday will call for increased adult vaccination against infectious diseases, including seasonal influenza, pneumococcal diseases, whooping cough, shingles, diphtheria and tetanus.

The growth of antibiotic resistance… and the context of migration mean that we need to put greater focus on improving uptake of adult vaccinations in the UK.”

“Policymakers have begun to use vaccination to support good health later in life”. (VLA..Ha!)

“Only 45 per cent of health and social care workers were vaccinated against the flu last year”. (Didn’t know that all social care workers, as well, will have also to be vaccinated)

  “Department of Health spokesman said Britain already had a “world-class national immunization programme”. He added: “We have introduced a shingles vaccine for 70-year-olds for the first time this year and our flu vaccine uptake is among the highest in the world, but we are striving for even higher.”

Reported concomitantly in the same issue:

Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances,’ experts warn

“People need to realize the link. If you treat little Johnny’s ear infection with

antibiotics, his mummy may end up dying of pneumonia”.

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