THE END GAME: TRANSHUMANISM – Vaccine Mandates; Child Protective Services, Agenda 21; Chemtrails, GMOS, Common Core Education

This interview of David Icke is a short but fabulous synopsis and overview  of the End Game.  Highly informative; highly enjoyable.  And is highly recommended that you have this in your awareness as you go about your specific mission.   Off putting, disparaging propaganda has plagued David for over 25 years, but now there are more ears to hear as the End Game of which he has talked about for years approaches rapidly.

David Icke Connect the Dots Series, part #4

Connect the Dots #4 – David Icke reads Dr. Richard Day’s lecture outlining the future of the US participation in the one world government and its product assignment – Agriculture (GMO)

  • Already over 100,000 people have cochlear implants, which have a direct neural connection.
  • One-third of all US military missions will be unmanned by 2015.
  • Cyborg soldiers and bipedal machine avatars will allow remote operation.
  • Stealth bombers undetectable by radar, retina enhancement and self-replicating nanobots already exist


Space colonization is closely related to transhumanism through the mutual association of futurist philosophy, but also more directly because the embrace of transhumanism will be necessary to colonize space. Human beings aren’t designed to live in space. Our physiological issues with it are manifold, from deteriorating muscle mass to uncontrollable flatulence. On the surface of Venus, we would melt, on the surface of Mars, we’d freeze. The only reasonable solution is to upgrade our bodies. Not terraform the cosmos, but cosmosform ourselves.

Social Strategy to end Homo sapein life as we know it.

For Transhumanism (The End Game – to take place people must become sick, terrorized, physically and mentally disabled and afraid of death.  For the game to accelerate, the establishment has decided to push for the implementation of forced vaccination. To do this they must:

1) make the population afraid of biological terrorism

2) Make people afraid of disease and death

3) destroy the natural organic immune system at an early age through vaccinating pregnant women, babies and children

4) medicate the population nearly from birth

5) sterilize women via vaccines; vaccinate at birth and inject 48 vaccine doses there after until the age of six

6) misdiagnose vaccine injury as mental illness

7) resulting in the dispensing of vast numbers of anti psychotic, anti-depression  medications to children and adults

8) Terrorize parents via brainwashed pediatricians

9) Terrorize parents with medical neglect charges and taking children from their homes (CPS)

And to do this more quickly, they now are moving to remove exemption options, destroying the principles of the constitution and the freedom of religion concept of which this country was founded.   Clearly there is already no religious exemption for hospital workers who lose their jobs unless they get vaccinated. It is an interesting question as to why we have religious freedom (at the moment) in schools but not in the work place?

First prong of the strategy:  They will seek cooperation from the states since vaccines are traditionally a states rights issue.   They will move “model” bills through out the nation targeting religious groups who have taken religious waivers and make it hard for them to get a waiver by requiring them to go to a physician for direct feed propaganda on the benefits of vaccination  Second prong:  They will move model bills through the state legislators to see if they can first remove the philosophical exemptions via the states. It is worth noting that most those who have taken the philosophical waiver will not be able to jump to the religious waiver since they did not register that it was their religious belief at the time of acquiring the exemption.  The legislators will then eventually try to remove the religious waiver on the basis of “national security”. If the states do not cooperate it will come under Federal regulation on the basis of national security.

For Transhumanism to manifest, society must be focused on fear of disease and death:

The Healthcare system is focused on the “sick” and “infirmed”. Pharmaceutical, nano tech, biotech, robotic research does not focus on the healthy, finding ways to properly sustain the health of all kingdoms, including the planet, humans, animals, plants, insects, all biological life. The focus of research is on disease and injury. The current real and rapid move towards Transhumanism (Neo Humanity-see depends (emphasis added) on people being sick, needing medications and clamoring for artificial and hi-technological support to stay alive concomitant with a willingness to be guinea pigs at all costs.   This “Sickcare” system – the commercials; the media propaganda; the medical cabal, the insurance companies, target the sick and appeals only to the infirmed. The more unconsious, disempowered, mentally ill, depressed, sick and injured people become the more medication and artificial means of survival, such as that offered by transhumanism becomes very attractive. Transhumanism can only occur by making humanity sick and afraid to die…the polar opposite of the consciousness movement. The consciousness movement only requires that you close your eyes, meditate (which is free), and remember who you are.  You are the witness to all these events. You are “awareness” of all that is happening. The same consciousness looked through your eyes when you were little and playing with toys in the bathtub. That has not changed, though the body has changed. The same unchanging, immortal consciousness looks through your eyes now.    The establishment depends on your not realizing who you are and the power you have of raising your frequency by your identity with the ultimate Supreme Creative Intelligence, Source.  Without an immortal mind, the immortal body that Transhumanism offers is truly a vision of hell on earth.  Where are the Christians and the Republicans when you need them?

 More on the Vaccine Mandates Endgame

“Transhumanism”, Genetic Manipulation and the Age of Human Destruction: Towards The End of Homo Sapiens?

Comprehensive article: In TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction, Daniel Estulin crafts a cogent and frightening scenario for the end of Homo sapiens, as new technologies enable genetic changes, bionic replacements and artificial, nanosized neural connections.  We’re not just evolving into a new species, we’re creating a new life form that marries materials science with biology. READ More….


Top 10 cybernetic enhancements (science)

EXCERPT:  “In our lifetimes, some people become so enhanced or evolved, they’re no longer strictly human. They mutate into new life forms. Or they use cybernetic enhancements to improve their bodies and upgrade their brains. Or they use bio-engineering or drugs or stem cells to become smarter, faster, cleverer and stronger than normal humans”.

Top 10 cybernetic upgrades

Google will know you better than your intimate partner (article)


The internet visionary (Ray Kurzweil) is avidly working towards an unseemly marriage of sorts between machine and man, a phenomenon he has popularly dubbed “the singularity.” The movement, which also goes by the name ‘transhumanism,’ is anxiously awaiting that Matrix moment when artificial intelligence and the human brain will merge to form a superhuman that never has to Google another nagging question again.

In this robot-dominant world, humans, starring in some cheapened knockoff of the biblical Creation story, will have downloaded themselves into their own technology, becoming veritable gods unto themselves.


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