Morgellons Disease: NANOWORMS: The fetal stage of transhumanism- it is upon us.

Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the human genome. It is the fetal stage of transhumanism, and it is upon us. This stealth project is being carried out with the use of the daily chemtrail operations, which are happening globally.  There is no escape.  The chemtrail operations are terraforming the earth and everything on it.  Read more… 


Morgellons and Patent #6245531

The Binary Biology enables the ecdysone switch to control populations.
Hormones served in food can turn the switch on, combine the two parts of
Binary Biological weapons already installed in people.

Yale and Stanford Universities Patents

Morgellons patents: US 6245531 Polynucleotides Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor US 5514578A Polynucleotides Encoding Insect Steroid Hormone Receptor Polypeptides and Cells Transformed With Same Inventors: David Hogness, 650-723-6166, Michael Koelle, 203-432-5662, William Seagraves, 203-432-4537, —————————————-­—————————————- SPRING HOUSE, Pa.–(BW HealthWire)–May 7, 2002 Agreement grants Invitrogen nonexclusive, worldwide rights to manufacture and sell Ecdysone-Inducible Expression research kits RHeoGene today announced it has egotiated an agreement to grant Invitrogen (Carlsbad, CA) a nonexclusive, worldwide sublicense for sales of Invitrogen’s Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System and related products for research purposes only. RHeoGene holds an exclusive license to Stanford University patents U.S. 5,514,578, 6,245,531 and EP Patent 0517805 that cover sales and use of certain ecdysone-based products. Invitrogen has been manufacturing and selling its Ecdysone- Inducible Expression System under a separate license since 1996. Under its license from RHeoGene, Invitrogen will continue to provide Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System products to academic, government, industrial, and clinical institutions for research purposes. Customers wishing to use ecdysone receptor-based gene expression systems for commercial purposes should contact RHeoGene for a commercial license. “This licensing agreement is the first external validation of the importance of RHeoGene’s exclusive license to the intellectual property encompassed by these Stanford patents after broader claims to U.S. 5,514,578 were granted,” said Tom Tillett, RHeoGene Executive Vice President for Operations. The Stanford patents are directed to genes that encode insect-based ecdysone receptors from a broad range of insect species and methods for regulating gene expression in host cells. The patent coverage includes ecdysone receptor (EcR) genes originating from Drosophila, the basis of Invitrogen’s Ecdysone-Inducible Expression System. The patents are based on the pioneering research of Dr. David Hogness, Emeritus Munzer Professor of Developmental Biology and Biochemistry at Stanford University. RHeoGene’s exclusive license to these patents encompasses all uses outside of plants, including cell-based assays, genomics, proteomics, gene therapy, cell culture/fermentation, transgenic animals, and biosensors. RHeoGene focuses on delivering customized inducible gene expression technology systems to advance proteomics, drug discovery, biotherapeutics production, and human gene therapy. RHeoGene’s operations are located in Spring House, Pa., and Charlottesville, Va. For more information, visit

11 thoughts on “Morgellons Disease: NANOWORMS: The fetal stage of transhumanism- it is upon us.

  1. Jimi Bigbear

    I’m thoroughly convinced that “chemtrails” don’t exist. That they’re in a category with HAARP – they’re a distraction from the real problem(s) – a kind of Roman circus for the “conspiracy nuts” (of which I am proudly one.) So if Morgellons is caused by chemtrails, then it too, doesn’t exist, or if it does exist, then it’s spread via a different mechanism – I will suggest HFCS made with GMO corn.

    Have THEY or their minions spread poison on us from planes and helicopters? Absolutely. Proven facts. Are they doing it from high altitude commercial jets? Absolutely not. It’s harmless water vapor from the jet turbine exhaust for the most part – turning into ice crystals. The longevity of which is entirely dependent on the altitude, temperature and winds. Sometimes they dissipate almost as quickly as formed, other times they hang in the air for hours and spread into near cirostratus clouds.

    If we’re (the People) worried about chemtrails and afraid to go outdoors or believe them to have the power to cause tsunamis with HAARP – then we believe their lie that THEY are POWERFUL. They’re not. And we HUGELY outnumber them. It will only take 1 or 2% of the population – 3-6 million people – acting in concert – coherently – united – to ERADICATE the parasites. (Find Kaminski’s “Revolution in a Day” video.) But when we fall prey to using our time on things like this – we become like a dog chasing its own tail, and of course we can’t unite and go after them.

  2. stienster

    Jimi, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this reply, but here’s a go at it anyway: Explain to me how it’s possible that went I was a child and young adult (I’m now 48), I don’t remember seeing long lines filling the skies, criss-crossing and making grids? I HAVE been seeing these lines and grids for at least 10 years, but not more than 20. The jets are the same (by and large) as they were back then. I lived in NY, AZ, FL, and now in Europe. “Chemtrails” have been in all the above mentioned skies, regardless of season and normal ground temperatures for each location.

    Also, I agree with everything else you’ve mentioned in your post, except: “They are NOT powerful”. They ARE indeed quite powerful, but SO ARE WE!!! IF we decide to stop allowing ‘them’ to have OUR power over our lives and over the earth. Peace Brother.

  3. Kevin

    I can ALMOST believe these fibers are being shoved up the arms etc by constant scratching. HOWEVER, I’m diabetic and have slow-healing wounds which I pick at obsessively and I don’t clean the place often enough. I have NEVER had fibers stuck inside my body! Also, these fibers move unlike any fabric, sizzle in peroxide, and the device used to identify fibers failed to match over 1,000 existing database sets. They contain genetic material that ISN’T the host’s!
    Another point; Chem trails are BLATANTLY OBVIOUS! The ‘angel hair’ drifts to the ground covering everything. The photos and video of jets with chemical spray nozzles are an easy internet click away, provided by the people actually doing the spraying. Neither denied or hidden!
    Please, if these people are all finding and shoving these unique red and blue fibers up into their bodies, where the hell are they getting them delivered from to all over the country?! Seems to me the CDC (etc) put the horse before the wagon…if something feels like its crawling under my skin I will scratch until it bleeds, rather than I’ll just lay on the carpet for no reason, start scratching and dig wounds into my arms to shove unidentified fibers up!!!
    Trust the GOVERNMENT to continue experimenting on the public; always have been and always will continue!

  4. morgellons

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  5. Cortney Snell

    I have particles and fibers released from All areas of my skin; daily, by the dozens. The fibers, which also grow from my scalp, move quite vigorously when placed on water. I do not have the lesions. I can produce this ‘debris’ at will with the application of oils to the skin. If morgellons is a delusion, then it is not what I have. However, my experience and evidence matches that of many others. I have experienced things with my body that my mind cannot process. I terrify myself at times. These fibers and particles seem to be chameleons. They adapt themselves to things in my environment; I believe in an attempt to go unnoticed. They seem to be deceptive amd intentionaly so, as though they can think and have an agenda. Then, there are the bugs. No, I do not feel these sensations all the time. I would think a delusion would be constant. It almost appears to be repeating a life cycle, the bugs are the end. Not living inside of me, but rrather growing. I often see small black flys shooting away from my body and managed to catch and photograph one. I have no idea what or why, but my experiences do not lean me towards a conclusion of a mere infection. Not even a severe infection could manipulate my body the way these things do. I sometimes feel as though I do not recognize my thoughts and emotions as being my own. May God have mercy on us all.

  6. Editor Post author

    Cortney: We have had some progress in curing morgellons. Go to this link for Lyme disease and following the Salt/C protocol for a few months then email me and let me know how it is going: Any question? email me, Eileen

  7. Carrie

    I have been dealing with Morgellons for 7 years. I have been reading everything written on it since. This is my first time posting . I have not been back to Morgellon site in over a year , only hearing no hope and only pain got old. I have recently been experiencing the “having no brain ” and the lost of my personality. I no longer can do simple math , think of my next word and the Carrie who was funny and quick witted is gone too. I did not know till now this is from this . Another shocker finding recent post are hard to find . Most are 2016 and older. Kinda scary to see how we all are morphing into a quiet , excepting , Gellons. And writing this I see why…. took a whole hour to get this typed. I’m hoping the good Lord takes from this Hell soon! God bless us All!

  8. Editor Post author

    We have had some good results with the SALT CURE. Go to and follow the salt vitamin C protocol for at least six months. Don’t worry about using the 1000 mg. salt tablets as opposed to sea salt or some other good salt. Give us some feedback as to your about your progress in a month or two at
    Regards, Eileen

  9. Carrie

    When did I change from being human
    Normal feeling skin, with no lesions
    Fibers was a word I used maybe once
    Now daily I pull them from my cuts
    Knowing the feeling of alien matter
    Nothing I ever could of imagined
    So many Doctors I ran to explain
    Only to be told it’s all in my brain
    Having no hope for any help
    No one believing except yourself
    Alone and scared wondering why
    Ten years later still no reply
    Thank God for internet or I’d never known
    Others are suffering from this unknown
    The number of victims continues to grow
    Yet still have not met one of these souls
    We have thousands of pictures and videos
    Exact same symptoms yet still delusional
    So many living this life unaware
    I think to myself is our silence fair
    Do we continue to talk to only each other
    Comparing our evidence with one another
    Waiting for next months new remedy
    Allowing our truth to be a mockery

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