Transhumanism lecture

VLA comment: “An immortal body without an immortal mind is the description of Hell on Earth. How many people today would you consider enlightened?  Are the “enlightened ones” driving this science?  Who is funding this science? Are they your enlightened leaders? As it concerns today’s medical research…science is based on fear and promotes sickness as in vaccines and rotating medicines.  At the very least, from the earliest age, vaccines and psyche drugs are physically and mentally disabling the emerging generations of humanity.  Are these beings the establishment’s pre-debilitated humans that transhumanism science would experiment on and immortalize in a bionic  body?  For I would think that the spiritually enlightened would rather experience the eternal platform of awakening & awareness of their essential immortality  and eternal consciousness in this lifetime on earth,  while glad to  experience changes that includes transformation through the natural portal of mortal death”….Eileen Dannemann, founder VLA and director of the National Coalition of Organized Women.


Transhumanism:In the latter half, journalist and author Daniel Estulin discussed how spectacular technological advances will soon transform humans into some other life form. The term TransEvolution indicates a change from human being to something new. “The generation of our children, the kids who are 15, 16, 17 years old, they are the last truly human generation…their children, and their children’s children will no longer be human;” they’ll be transhumans, cyborgs, and man-machines, he predicted. “We, as people of the planet Earth are standing on the cusp of the greatest change in the history of mankind…and people are simply unprepared for what’s coming,” he continued.

We’re already beginning to see this evolution, he said, citing neurochip interfaces that could ultimately increase human intelligence to a large degree. He noted that a number of changes are outlined in the Strategic Trends Report (PDF), a document from the British government that looks as far ahead as the year 2040. Eventually, the goal of transhumanists is to move the human mind into a new vehicle, a humanoid robot controlled by a brain-machine interface. Estulin believes that the move toward transhumanism is part of a long range plan by the Elite, who seek to control and mold the human race, as well as reduce the overall population. How do you feel about transhumanism? Take the C2C Insta-Poll.

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  1. Desiree Rover

    When we stop vaccinating, when we ditch all the fake food products in the toxic distribution centers a.k.a ‘supermarkets’, when we stop genetically manipulating food crops and animals, when we stop fighting wars spreading uranium, when we stop spraying chemtrails, when we stoop creating Fukushima disasters, when we stop spreading life threatening electromagnetic frequencies from devices and cell phone towers, when we stop taking pharmaceutical ‘medicines’, when we …. (fill in the blank), there will be no need to enhance or improve Nature!
    Because without all these vicious attacks on our systems we would we be healthy and happy naturally!
    And what is all that nonsense about the burden of pregnancy? It is the most magical time in the life of a woman — except when she has been misled into thinking that it is only about gestation.
    And regarding metaphysical abiities, just cleanse your system and your thoughts from toxins, and see how far you can come in picking up signals in your environment. We all can!

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