3 thoughts on “Vaccines: A personal horror story

  1. Maria

    OMG this is horible that doctoe should get sued and go to jail and all the people who knew about it and if they were ganna test it why on a baby? this is cruelty all i can do is cry when i read this. no one on earth deserves that pain the baby had and all the baby felt.

  2. Kathy Evans

    I am so sorry to read about your beautiful Sons suffering because of the Hel B vaccine that was given to him. My best Friend Laura Miller , from Greenfield Wisconsin had 2 children that ended up with MS because of the shots that were given to them when they turned 1 years old. Needless to say when she had her third child she refused to get the shots. If they would have Found out what caused her first child’s problems she would’ve never had To put her second child through the same thing. It took two of her children to have the same reaction to finally find out that it was the shots that caused the problem. They actually wouldn’t even admit that it had caused the problems but my girlfriend realize it had to be there were no other connections to why this was happening to her children. To be on the safe side when she had her third child she did not get the shots and he is a perfect little child with no MS.

  3. Editor Post author

    Lot’s of horror stories. Put Dr. Wohl in our search engine. She is a MD teacher at a Medical University. She got MS..did the medical trip and got worse…wound up in a wheel chair. Then she woke up and found a diet that changed all that. I don’t know if it would help when a child gets this adverse reaction which they might call MS but may not be. But maybe Dr. Wohl’s diet might help.

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