Confessions of a RX Pharmacuetical Drug Pusher

Gwen Olsen’s book is exactly as the title says, a CONFESSION. She has done a clear, masterful job describing how she unwittingly lived through the horrors of a harmful, dysfunctional family and found herself enmeshed in an industry where she was expected to make sales at any cost. Concern for an ill person was not part of her work paradigm.

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4 thoughts on “Confessions of a RX Pharmacuetical Drug Pusher

  1. Clint Richardson

    “…they would be in the business of putting themselves out of business.”

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to say that for years in one simple statement. I like this woman!!!

    Thanks Eileen.


  2. Judith M.L. Day

    I have recently published my book Judging Judi. It is available on It will be available on e-pub in a week or so. This book is my personal experience with being diagnosed with one of the disorders that Gwen refers to and forced on drugs for over two years, even being injected if I refused to take them. Yes this personal assault happened in the mid nineties, in Newfoundland, Canada, for over two years, causing physical damage. I took the physicians to court, but of course in Canada it is very difficult to win against the Canadian Medical Protective Association. Gwens message is from a pharmaceutical rep’s perspective. Mine is from a patient’s perspective, with my actual medical records and physicians’ comments. I look forward to reading her book. Please follow Judging Judi on Facebook and read my introduction on

  3. Mike Shay MS, LMT, CNA

    Great information, drugs do not treat disease, only the symptoms of disease, they do not prevent disease or promote health and wellness. Most people die of chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, CVD, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, these are lifestyle conditions. Western medicine works fantastic for only about 11% of conditions such as a stroke (even here they will not use hyperberic O2), heart attack, diabetic coma, automobile accident, etc. This is heroic medicine, but the other 89% is in your hands. As for genetics, only about 6% of all diseases are genetic, if your mother has breat cancer, it does not mean you will get it (the trick here is when they say cancer is a genetic problem – you can turn off bad genes). Dr. Bruce Ames reversed over 50 genetic diseases using high doses of certain vitamins, which act as cofactors to switch good genes on and bad genes off. Genes make proteins, which act as enzymes, and this can be modified. They just proved that the flu shot protects 1% of the people who take it. The side effects are much higher than 1%, and God forbid you learn how to enhance your immune system – they really don’t want you to do that.

  4. Donald

    I’ve known what you say to be evident, but not to what extent. Can’t wait to read your book. Was a cop for many years with lots of stress and then anxiety. Xanax, Ambien at first seemed to help but did not as those medications made my condition worse after a couple years. Have gone from medications to meditations. Ambien was advertised….”works like a dream” but that is false because when you get on it you don’t dream again at all. They told me it was not addictive but it is addictive. It took me about 12 days with no sleep to kick it. Was a rough time and the Xanax can be even worse in different ways. Xanax has a lot of adverse side effects as well. Thanks for being so brave and coming forward for God judges us on how much we help others. I’ve done the same thing and it is all worth it.

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