Dr. Exposes Big Pharma’s #1 Secret

Dr. Exposes Big Pharma’s #1 Secret

Published on Mar 7, 2014

Anthony Gucciardi interviews Dr. Group about some shocking statistics following antidepressant prescriptions.

VLA Comment: About this most important message!

It sounds like Dr. Group is a member of the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).  I almost wrote, Human Health. It deserves to be part of that group too::))) CCHR is a scientology-based activist group-very powerful and very focused on the calculated dumbing-down of the emerging generations of humanity. CCHR is unlike any other organization in the world concerning psyche drugs, to my knowledge.   Listen to their message that an increasing percentage of the American population is being put on anti-depressant, anti-psychotic drugs. Dr. Group gives stunning figures.

In other words, a substantial percentage of the emerging generations perceive a reality as tweaked by a concoction of toxic chemical, addictive, mind altering drugs, all compliments of the Bio-Pharmacuetical corporate giants with the financial support of Medicaid and the Bahyr-Dole Act, which gave the Universities the patent/royalties on drugs developed under Government-taxpayer grants (which had belonged to the public) with the stipulation that they had to partner with pharmaceutical company for marketing purposes. Hence the pharmaceuticals have free research and development teams at the universities paid for by taxpayer dollars.

The cardinal underlying “source” of the psychiatric issue that CCHR deals with is also controlled by the Bio-pharmacueticals – Vaccines. The greater percentage of children are no longer “normal” as Rockwell or the late Dr. Thomas Szasz would have it. Every child is damaged to one extent or the other as a pre-cursor foundation for prescriptive drugs.

We think it is time CCHR widen its lens and mention the “V” word. We too advise people to go slowly off their pharmaceuticals. However, these people are hurting and as long as they seek mental or physical comfort the drug companies will be in business. Generations of humanity are damaged to one extent or the other, by the 39-54 vaccines mandated on our children over the last 30 years. In the 1980-2001 15 of those mandated vaccines had mercury in them. That generation received 15 doses of 25 mcgs each of the neuro toxin, mercury mandated by our State governments and orchestrated by the HHS, CDC, Epidemic Intelligence. The 2009/10 pregnant women generation were vaccinated with 2 flu shots both containing 25 mcgs each. Despite a 4,200% spike in miscarriages and stillbirths, the CDC now recommends 4 vaccine doses, the flu shot and the TDaP, shot during fetal development (vaccination-in-utero). And then if the child survives, it will receive up ward of 49 vaccine doses in order to go to school, by the age of six.

How do you think this generation and next generation will fare? A Rockwell answer only affirms that as the kids change into mad maxes, we get used to the change in consciousness and call it normal because we forget what normal is… just as we, with special exceptions, have gotten use to modern tomatoes.

The best Vaccine Liberation Army can do is educate the conscious-based beings and groups of light workers, or for those who have ears to hear to avoid vaccinating their children. This is very fundamental to eliminating the problem of prescriptive drugs that CCHR is addressing. As long as parents vaccinate their children they will be compelled to find a way to mitigate their sufferings. CCHR does not have a captive audience in either the preponderance of doctors or in the vastly damaged generation who is seeking relief. We urge your organization to embrace vaccines as, at the very least, contributory to the cause of disabling the future generations of humanity and recognize the bio-pharmaceutical underlying strategic cause for justifying psyche drugs. Recognize the deep cause will go a long way arrest the reception to psyche drugs. It addresses the thousand pound gorilla in the room.


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