Pharmagedon: Mass Shootings! What makes our kids & soldiers Psychotic?

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First inject 49 vaccine doses into your child by the time they are 6 years old. Add to that 4 shots in-utero-the flu shot with mercury as well as the TDaP, making a total of 53 vaccine doses. The epidemic of ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Autism, encephalitis, narcolepsy is caused by the inordinate amount of vaccinations that are forced on children by our government in order to get into school. To compensate or mitigate the effects of the vaccine injury, mis-nomered as “mental illness” psyche drugs are given out like candy so that 25 % of all American children are on psyche drugs, 10,000 Toddlers.

And now the National Coalition of Organized Women uncover one of the most egregious Pharma sins in modern psyche history. The information that would have averted the school shootings, the homicides, the overdoses, the bizarre epidemic of mentally ill in recent years has been available for circa 15 years since gene mapping. Cytochrome P450 2D6 is the most major metabolic pathway that detoxifies 50% of all psyche drugs and street drugs. 7-10% of Caucasians, for example, are poor or non-metabolizers due to a deletion or non activity of the 2D6 pathway. There is a percentage of Asians and Afrikan Americans who are poor metabolizers. When certain drugs (list below) are given to these demographics, due to their inability to metabolize them, these people become psychotic, homicidal, suicidal, a danger to themselves and society. There are other pathways on Cytochrome P459 such as Cyp 3A4 implicated in the psychosis reports of soldiers on Larium, a malaria drug. Another example: Marijuana (Cannibas) is a powerful inhibitor of cytochrome P450 isozymes 3A4, 2C19, and 2D6.

This non metabolizing condition for a significant proportion of the population is not a defect. It is a genetic variation, that’s all. For example, Ethiopians and Tanzanian Africans who traditionally have had poor soil to grow food and therefore have been consuming a lot of weeds (medicinal weeds), have evolved generation after generation (despite this massive intake of organic drugs)  to multiply their Cytochrome 2D6. These people are “rapid metabolizers”.

GET TESTED BEFORE YOU TAKE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS and before you vaccinate your children Cyp 450 2D6 metabolizing factor is inherited.

It is a very simple test: Swap the mouth, teeth and gums with 2 sterile swabs (looks like q-tips) and send to our lab contact in Australia. Contact: for lab details. Price: $200.00. Bottom line, perhaps these kids who are most affected are poor metabolizers and can’t rid themselves of the toxic vaccine at one day old, in-utero. Perhaps 53 shots by the time the kid is six years old is asking too much!

Links below:

You know those kids who are shooting each other and mothers who drown their kids in the bath tub? Check out this most egregious cover up in the history of modern psychiatry. Dr. Lucire elucidates. Her study just published in the summer of 2011 is not only a academic victory but the homicidal speak of their experiences in their own words on how they were moved to kill their loved ones.

This information, now highlighted by Dr. Lucire has been heretofore suppressed by the stakeholder. The justice system in the USA has not realized the implication in law. (See personalized Justice/Personalize Medicine). These drugs force the patient who is a poor or non-metabolizer into heinous acts against themselves and society. And who and what is really complicit when a crime is committed? The manufacturer who “failed to warn”?; the physician who “failed to warn” and who did not do the simple genetic test? Read Dr. Lucire’s study. She removed her subjects from the drugs and they regained their normal mental function. It was the drugs…now we have a legal test to prove it!

Dr. Yolande Lucire’s recently published study

list of the drugs that need 2D6 pathway to metabolize

Laymen’s Synopis

Mayo Clinic Report on 2D6

Psychosis reports of soldiers on Malaria Drugs

Comprehensive Article by Brandon Turberville

Dr. Mercola on Cytochrome P450 2D6

Personalized Justice/Personalize Medicine

Do you want the simple 2D6 gene test? Contact us at
Read some stats:
At Fort Hood, where 48,000 troops and their families are stationed, 6,000 soldiers were on antidepressants, and 1,400 were on antipsychotic drugs in 2009, reported USA Today. At Fort Bragg, where 50,000 are stationed, 4,994 troops were on antidepressants, and 664 were on antipsychotics in 2010, reported the Fayetteville Observer, adding that “many soldiers take more than one type of medication.

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common… and it’s not guns


• Eric Harris age 17 (first on Zoloft then Luvox) and Dylan Klebold aged 18 (Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado), killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and wounded 23 others, before killing themselves. Klebold’s medical records have never been made available to the public.• Jeff Weise, age 16, had been prescribed 60 mg/day of Prozac (three times the average starting dose for adults!) when he shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and many fellow students at Red Lake, Minnesota. He then shot himself. 10 dead, 12 wounded.

• Cory Baadsgaard, age 16, Wahluke (Washington state) High School, was on Paxil (which caused him to have hallucinations) when he took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates hostage. He has no memory of the event.

• Chris Fetters, age 13, killed his favorite aunt while taking Prozac.

• Christopher Pittman, age 12, murdered both his grandparents while taking Zoloft.

• Mathew Miller, age 13, hung himself in his bedroom closet after taking Zoloft for 6 days.

• Kip Kinkel, age 15, (on Prozac and Ritalin) shot his parents while they slept then went to school and opened fire killing 2 classmates and injuring 22 shortly after beginning Prozac treatment.

• Luke Woodham, age 16 (Prozac) killed his mother and then killed two students, wounding six others.

• A boy in Pocatello, ID (Zoloft) in 1998 had a Zoloft-induced seizure that caused an armed stand off at his school.

• Michael Carneal (Ritalin), age 14, opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West Paducah, Kentucky. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded..

• A young man in Huntsville, Alabama (Ritalin) went psychotic chopping up his parents with an ax and also killing one sibling and almost murdering another.

• Andrew Golden, age 11, (Ritalin) and Mitchell Johnson, aged 14, (Ritalin) shot 15 people, killing four students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others.

• TJ Solomon, age 15, (Ritalin) high school student in Conyers, Georgia opened fire on and wounded six of his class mates.

• Rod Mathews, age 14, (Ritalin) beat a classmate to death with a bat.

• James Wilson, age 19, (various psychiatric drugs) from Breenwood, South Carolina, took a .22 caliber revolver into an elementary school killing two young girls, and wounding seven other children and two teachers.

• Elizabeth Bush, age 13, (Paxil) was responsible for a school shooting in Pennsylvania

• Jason Hoffman (Effexor and Celexa) – school shooting in El Cajon, California

• Jarred Viktor, age 15, (Paxil), after five days on Paxil he stabbed his grandmother 61 times.

• Chris Shanahan, age 15 (Paxil) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman.

• Jeff Franklin (Prozac and Ritalin), Huntsville, AL, killed his parents as they came home from work using a sledge hammer, hatchet, butcher knife and mechanic’s file, then attacked his younger brothers and sister.

• Neal Furrow (Prozac) in LA Jewish school shooting reported to have been court-ordered to be on Prozac along with several other medications.

• Kevin Rider, age 14, was withdrawing from Prozac when he died from a gunshot wound to his head. Initially it was ruled a suicide, but two years later, the investigation into his death was opened as a possible homicide. The prime suspect, also age 14, had been taking Zoloft and other SSRI antidepressants.

• Alex Kim, age 13, hung himself shortly after his Lexapro prescription had been doubled.

• Diane Routhier was prescribed Welbutrin for gallstone problems. Six days later, after suffering many adverse effects of the drug, she shot herself.

• Billy Willkomm, an accomplished wrestler and a University of Florida student, was prescribed Prozac at the age of 17. His family found him dead of suicide – hanging from a tall ladder at the family’s Gulf Shore Boulevard home in July 2002.

• Kara Jaye Anne Fuller-Otter, age 12, was on Paxil when she hung herself from a hook in her closet. Kara’s parents said “…. the damn doctor wouldn’t take her off it and I asked him to when we went in on the second visit. I told him I thought she was having some sort of reaction to Paxil…”)

• Gareth Christian, Vancouver, age 18, was on Paxil when he committed suicide in 2002, (Gareth’s father could not accept his son’s death and killed himself.)

• Julie Woodward, age 17, was on Zoloft when she hung herself in her family’s detached garage.

• Matthew Miller was 13 when he saw a psychiatrist because he was having difficulty at school. The psychiatrist gave him samples of Zoloft. Seven days later his mother found him dead, hanging by a belt from a laundry hook in his closet.

• Kurt Danysh, age 18, and on Prozac, killed his father with a shotgun. He is now behind prison bars, and writes letters, trying to warn the world that SSRI drugs can kill.

• Woody __, age 37, committed suicide while in his 5th week of taking Zoloft. Shortly before his death his physician suggested doubling the dose of the drug. He had seen his physician only for insomnia. He had never been depressed, nor did he have any history of any mental illness symptoms.

• A boy from Houston, age 10, shot and killed his father after his Prozac dosage was increased.

• Hammad Memon, age 15, shot and killed a fellow middle school student. He had been diagnosed with ADHD and depression and was taking Zoloft and “other drugs for the conditions.”

• Matti Saari, a 22-year-old culinary student, shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself. Saari was taking an SSRI and a benzodiazapine.

• Steven Kazmierczak, age 27, shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amounts of Xanax in his system.

• Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen, age 18, had been taking antidepressants before he killed eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School – then he committed suicide.

• Asa Coon from Cleveland, age 14, shot and wounded four before taking his own life. Court records show Coon was on Trazodone.

• Jon Romano, age 16, on medication for depression, fired a shotgun at a teacher in his New York high school.

Missing from list… 3 of 4 known to have taken these same meds….

• What drugs was Jared Lee Loughner on, age 21…… killed 6 people and injuring 14 others in Tuscon, Az?

• What drugs was James Eagan Holmes on, age 24….. killed 12 people and injuring 59 others in Aurora Colorado?

• What drugs was Jacob Tyler Roberts on, age 22, killed 2 injured 1, Clackamas Or?

• What drugs was Adam Peter Lanza on, age 20, Killed 26 and wounded 2 in Newtown Ct?

Those focusing on further firearms bans or magazine restrictions are clearly focusing on the wrong issue and asking the wrong questions, either as a deliberate attempt to hide these links, or out of complete and utter ignorance.

Don’t let them! Force our elected “representatives” and the media to cast a harsh spotlight on this issue. Don’t stop hounding them until they do.

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18 thoughts on “Pharmagedon: Mass Shootings! What makes our kids & soldiers Psychotic?

  1. Désirée Röver

    Of course there are individuals at the top of the food chain who have always known exactly what they are doing with their handing out of all their psycho pharmaca.
    They pretend that the working mechanisms of products like Ritalin are unknown, and they categorically etch this pack of lies into the brains of medical students. As doctors they will carry forward this scientific misfit, and they will demonize any colleague who has the insight and the guts to look past and address this academic house of cards…
    Flemish pharmacist Fernand Haesbrouck describes all this very clearly in his book ‘Requiem for presumed diseases’ (Jun 29, 2012)

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  14. CAWS

    This article needs to be sent not only to all the NRA associations but all the medical centers [not schools as they are complicit] Just as MDs don’t know the devastating affects from fluoroquinolones [Cipro,Levaquin,Factive,Avelox] they have no clue about DNA unless they are a geneticist. Fluoroquinolone antibiotic manufacturers BRAG that they kill bacteria by ALTERING the DNA at the POINT of REPLICATION. Congratulations folks you have now been genetically modified and can’t grow you good bacteria back so you will be a miserable PERMANENT PATIENT.
    After doing this to me back in the 90s [ these drugs were not double BLACK BOXED until 2006 & 2008]; & massive tests came back normal; they put me on Prozac [since I was female it must be all in my head] & I flipped out after ONE DAY! I picked up a butcher knife & went after my physically abusive alcoholic ex husband [who had many guns in house]. While this freaked him out & he never raised a hand to me again; I was horrified & called my doctor. He told me to DOUBLE the dose! I told him that if I did that I would be up on the roof taking out the neighbors with an assault rifle & to shove it.
    Many years later I had my DNA workup with [$99] and after running my raw data thru interpretation app; I found out that I do have the CYP 2D6 heterozygous mutation PLUS many others that gave me insights into other health issues. I can now have a convincing conversation with the anesthesiologist that tries to give me drugs that I can’t metabolize because he KNOWS what this DNA means for his liability. The same holds true if you are a fast metabolizer. The last thing they want is for you to wake up on the table.
    For those who are having multiple miscarriages or blood clots it helps to know if you have MTHFR . Remember though with a few exceptions [actual GENETIC diseases] that having the gene [like breast cancer gene] only means a weakness which can be dealt with. It is the EXPRESSION of the gene that counts and that is influenced by diet , exercise & exposure level to toxins [ie vaccines, drugs, fluoride, amalgam & environmental chemicals] Check out Amy Yasko’s Genetic Bypass book.

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  17. Beth

    thank you for your comment to Beth, April 3 to do with measles, mumps and chickenpox does it cause weakness and no energy. you asked for more information.

    I am now 70 and never had vaccinations, but one for polio, in the 1960’s. It made me unwell.
    My life is complicated to many physical problems caused from this weakness. In order to”fix”these problems,they gave me medications ,that caused drug reactions. The physical problems were proven to be there ,but they could not find a proper diagnose. These extra problems, combined, with the weakness escalating, left them, all upset, as it is not found in any of the medical books. So I must be faking and mentally ill. I was tested for Mental Illness, they found me, maybe fine, but very complex, from the causes, my body is experiencing. So I must be. LoL. I will give the Cytochrome P450 a try. thank you, for a possible good lead to all this.

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