Ron Paul: Reinstates Bill to stop Psyche industry from using schools for marketing drugs- mental screening

RON PAUL never stops from doing the right thing!

All parents should know that he is also trying to safe guard our kids from a lifetime of unwarranted psyche drugs!

As the School Based Health Clinics continue to get established in schools around the nations to facilitate vaccination and to increase the profit and efficiency of the Depts of Health in every state…the School Based Health Clinics (SBCH) will be used not only for propaganda but for mental screening and facilitate standardized test screening for mental illness.

Which “apparent” mental symptoms fall in the range of “vaccine neurological, immunological injury” by 45 vaccines by the time the child starts school at age 6. Not to mention injecting pregnant mothers (inutero fetuses) with flu vaccine with MERCURY and at 6 months, 7 months and every year thereafter til 19 years of age-with Mercury!

That is “mercury”, the neurotoxin that we are warned not to eat in fish. But we are asked to stand by and let the establishment mandate that we inject it into our children 20 times (and inutero) by the time they go to college

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