Join our Street Team Strategy: THE STICKERS!

The Student Vaccine Liberation Army STRATEGY: THE STICKERS

FREE ROLL OF 500 STICKERS.  Saturate your neighborhood High School!

Kids love stickers! Rather than giving out wordy information to middle and HS kids, we give our provocative sticker. Students flock around us…like birds at a food frenzy. . Funded by vaccine manufacturer Sanofi Pastuer, The Rand Corporation has issued a strategy to directly target the public schools’ adolescent population (SBHC) to uptake vaccines. The strategy is to brainwash the younger kids from Kindergarten up (see Propaganda Room); monitor students vaccine records and make sure that every child is vaccinated. If we do not step between the SBHC program and the emerging generation our children will be brainwashed, vaccine damaged and drugged with prescription drugs. and our vaccine movement will die with us. We will not be able to penetrate this kind of brainwashing.

Contact us at for your free roll of Vaccine Liberation Army Stickers.

We appreciate your on the ground.  Donations are accepted in order to print more stickers.

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