131 WAYS FOR AN INFANT TO DIE! 8 Week old vaccine death – MUST READ

infant_deathMy name is Donna Gary. I am a constituent of Senator Kennedy’s from Massachusetts. Our family should have celebrated our very first granddaughter’s first birthday last month. Instead, we will commemorate the anniversary of her death at the end of this month.

Our granddaughter, Lee Ann, was just 8 weeks old when her mother took her to the doctor for her routine checkup. That included, of course, her first DPT inoculation and oral polio vaccine. In all her entire 8 weeks of life this lovable, extremely alert baby had never produced such a blood-curdling scream as she did at the moment the shot was given. Neither had her mother ever before seen her back arch as it did while she screamed. She was inconsolable. Even her daddy could not understand Lee Ann’s uncharacteristic screaming and crying.

Four hours later, Lee Ann was dead. “Crib death,” the doctor said — “SIDS.”

“Could it be connected to the shot?” her parents implored.


“But she just had her first DPT shot this afternoon. Could there possibly be any connection to it?”

“No, no connection at all,” the emergency room doctor said definitely.

My husband and I hurried to the hospital the following morning after Lee Ann’s death to talk with the pathologist before the autopsy. We wanted to make sure he was alerted to her DPT inoculation such a short time before her death — just in case there was something else he could look for to make the connection. He was unavailable to talk with us. We waited two-and-a-half hours. Finally, we got to talk to another doctor after the autopsy had been completed. He said it was SIDS.

In the months before Lee Ann was born, I regularly checked with a friend as to the state of her grandchild’s condition. He is nearly a year-and-a-half older than Lee Ann. On his first DPT shot he passed out cold for 15 minutes, right in the pediatrician’s office.

“Normal reaction for some children,” the pediatrician reassured. The parents were scared, but they knew what a fine doctor they had. They trusted his judgment. When it was time for the second shot, they asked “Are you sure it’s alright? Is it really necessary?” Their pediatrician again reassured them. He told them how awful it was to experience, as he had, one of his infant patient’s bout with whooping cough. That baby had died. They gave him his second DPT shot that day. He became brain-damaged.

This past week I had an opportunity to read through printed copies of the hearings of this committee. I am dismayed to learn that this same talk has been going on for years, and nothing has seemed to progress to incorporate what seems so obvious and necessary to keep from destroying any more babies, and to compensate financially those who have already been damaged for life. How accurate are our statistics on adverse reactions to vaccines when parents have been told, are still being told, “No connection to the shot, no connection at all.”?

What about the mother I have recently talked with who has a 4-year-old brain-damaged son? On all three of his DPT shots he had a convulsion in the presence of the pediatrician. “No connection,” the pediatrician assured.

I talked with a father in a town adjoining ours whose son died at the age of 9 weeks, several months before our own granddaughter’s death. It was the day after his DPT inoculation. “SIDS” is the statement on the death certificate.

Are the statistics that the medical world loves to quote to say, “There is no connection,” really accurate, or are they based on poor diagnoses, poor record keeping? What is being done to provide a safer vaccine? Who is overseeing? Will it be the same scientists and doctors who have been overseeing in the past? How much longer does the public have to wait? How are physicians and clinics going to be held accountable to see that parents are informed of the possible reactions? And how are those children who should not receive the vaccine to be identified before they are damaged — or dead?”  READ ARTICLE BY NEIL MILLER…

VLA Comment:  This is a most excellent article with source notes.  Neil Miller has had his work published in peer reviewed journals, such as Vaccine.  Miller shows how Coroners arrive at “cause of death by choosing from an establishment “code” list.  “a closer inspection of the ICD — the 130 official ways for an infant to die — revealed a loophole. Medical certifiers, such as coroners, could choose from among several categories of death when a baby suddenly expired. They didn’t have to list the death as SIDS. Although the post-neonatal SIDS rate dropped by an average annual rate of 8.6% from 1992 through 2001 following the AAP’s seemingly successful “Back to Sleep” campaign, the post-neonatal mortality rate from “suffocation in bed” (ICD-9 code E913.0) increased during this same period at an average annual rate of 11.2%. Sudden, unexplained infant deaths that were classified as SIDS prior to the “Back to Sleep” campaign, were now being classified as deaths due to suffocation in bed!”

9 thoughts on “131 WAYS FOR AN INFANT TO DIE! 8 Week old vaccine death – MUST READ

  1. Matthew

    DPT is no longer being used today but from what I’ve heard the CDC wants to bring it back. I’m a parent with a 7 week old and currently dtap is being used instead, I’d love to have some current info and story’s from parents about the current infant dtap vaccine.

  2. Steven Gabaeff D

    The true offense may be Aluminum poisoning. At the 2 month well baby check, the baby get 5 vaccinations all using aluminum as the preservative. The total dose is 3 times the toxic blood level. Most babies tolerate it but it may cause brain damage in some and death very rarely. The reaction to the toxic dose is not predictable. My advice to my own daughter is spread out the shots (1 per week).

    reference: How safe is 1% alum irrigation in controlling intractable vesical hemorrhage?
    Goswami AK, Mahajan RK, Nath R, Sharma SK. J Urol. 1993 Feb;149(2):264-7.

  3. Mary Cavanaugh

    The bullshit parents are told by Doctors in regard to the adverse affects if vaccines including death is stunning!!!

  4. Cindy Cooke

    I have a sweet, wonderful granddaughter who is healthy today because her mother, I believe, was smart enough to withstand some pretty intense pressure from pediatricians. From birth she said “no” to all vaccines. Her plan was to breast feed as long as she could, and if the baby was well, then to start “slow dose” immunization sat age 4. This really hacked off our medical community, even other parents. At four years old, she began to get two shots each two weeks. Sometimes they are four weeks apart. She’s incredibly brainy and very physically strong. I implore, no BEG, all expectant parents to do very diligent research on vaccines. Thine rail is also one of the preservatives babies had adversely reacted to. There are now thine rail free vaccines. If your doctors office doesn’t carry them, ask them to order some. If they decline, walk away, fast. Find a care rovider that CARES.

  5. Marie

    Matthew: I would strongly advise you to please decline vaccines for your child!

    I am horrified at this story, and I am very disturbed that there is no liability on the part of doctors and vaccine manufacturers. It is INEXCUSABLE that when a child reacts adversely to a vaccination, the doctor can say that there is no connection. What kind of an insane world are we living in? It would be better never to take your child to a doctor.

    I knew a woman once whose daughter was about 5 or 6. She said her daughter had never been to a doctor and her daughter was very healthy–was never sick.

  6. Arlene Johnson

    I have been publishing the harm of vaccines since June 2002. See

    1. http://www.truedemocracy.net/td2_4/73-ac.html
    2. http://www.truedemocracy.net/td2_2/71a-ac2.html
    3. http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj36/35.html Indian medical doctor’s article
    4. http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj32/34.html
    5. http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-30/51.html Vaccination is not immunization.
    6. http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-20/09.html Marburg Seeding
    7. http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-20/13.html 1918 Flu Epidemic caused by vaccines.

    MDs are under the control of the Rockefeller Foundation. That´s why they deceive.


    Arlene Johnson
    To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

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