1 thought on “Asberger (Highly functional Autism) progressed destroyed by more vaccines

  1. Judith M.L. Day

    This story can be told by many people who have been given antidepressants when they should never have been prescribed those dangerous drugs. There is a drug induced mania that results in some vulnerable people who are sensitive to those psychoactive drugs. Then people are diagnosed as Bipolar disorder all drug induced.. then given other neurotoxins that make the person psychotic then they are given more chemicals that will cause all the neurological endocrinological problems that will show up in EEG’s, EKG’s, thyroid functioning tests, cholesterol tests, etc. etc. You’re body is damaged and your life is destroyed by those psychotropic/psychoactive drugs. I was down that road from 1995-1998, but managed to get off the band wagon myself, before I ended up dead. I have written a book about my journey through psychiatry called Judging Judi available through Lulu.com.

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