CASE REPORT: 19 year old girl (pre sexual debut) gets genital warts from HPV vaccine


1This case reports recalcitrant genital human papillomavirus type 6 infection in a 19 year old woman who completed a full course of quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine prior to her sexual debut. This vaccine has been proven to be highly effective at preventing type 6 and 11 genital wart infection-Oh sure! (propaganda). Not mentioned is the horrible adverse events from the vaccine.See: and this case emphasizes the importance of consideration of an underlying immunological condition if a person presents in this manner. Read more:  Including the doctors recommendation to get vaccinate AGAIN!

2 thoughts on “CASE REPORT: 19 year old girl (pre sexual debut) gets genital warts from HPV vaccine

  1. Dr Viera Scheibner

    All and vaccines cause the targeted diseases and also related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections; HPV vaccine is no exception.

    The only effect of all and any vaccines is anaphylaxis, a harmful immune response resulting in increased susceptibiility, not prevention and immunity.

    The only effective immunity is natural immunity achieved by exposure to natural infections, provided it is not mismanaged by suppressing fever, an important healing process, and indiscriminate mass administration of antibiotics. Recently, WHO proclaimed antibiotics a failure and danger to human health; their mass use has resulted in modified, mutated, more virulent and new microorganisms causing infections which are much more dangerous and less managible than the natural ones.

    Natural infectious diseases have been demonised by proponents of vaccination, in their effort to get parents to vaccinate their children.

    Good nutrition and good vitamin C status are required for good health. Not vaccines. The only people who should get vaccines and the provaccinators.

  2. graham

    Warts are caused by a virus and treatments that are promoted as being effective are mostly misleading. There are vaccines for example aimed at the flu virus but they have a limited amount of success in reality.

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