CDC Autism Fraud (Whistleblower) Manipulated study “DETAILS” by Dr. Andrew Wakefield


Hear the voice of Dr. Thompson, the CDC Whistleblower.  In this video Dr. Wakefield explains in detail how Dr. Coleen Boyle (the usual spokeswoman for the CDC) marked up the paperwork to show how the data could be manipulated to remove the Autism link. Watch vimeo video…

4 thoughts on “CDC Autism Fraud (Whistleblower) Manipulated study “DETAILS” by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

  1. Matt

    A very powerful short video. Thanks.
    A couple of things really strike me here. I have gone back and studied vaccine development and politics to understand their purpose was never about preventing disease. When you understand this, it puts all current reporting into perfect perspective. Vaccines create disease so none of these revelations come as a surprise to those that understand the history. Two, it confirms (yet again) the purpose of the CDC, the NIH and all the others: to legitimize the western medical mafia, protect profits, hide vaccine and pharmaceutical drug truth in general and suppress simple, cheap alternatives.
    In a court of law, once a person has been proven a liar, NONE of their testimony has standing. We have found the CDC to be serial liars and to be complicit in murdering and deforming millions of people and STILL people take them seriously.
    What a crazy world we live in!
    But the tide is turning!!
    Thank you for being a light in the darkness!


  2. cyntia silveira

    I’m a mother of a boy who was born a perfect ,healthy child, 8.8 pounds ,who had some delay walking but spoke before 1 and memorized words before 15 months, and I remember when his doctor, Seth Winkler,at Bellevue hospital said that he was going to administrate my sons vaccine that day, and I was glad that I didn’t need to wait so long for the nurses to call me in the waiting area.I blame my self every day,why I was so stupid ,uninformed and I let him give my little beautiful healthy boy 4(FOUR) shots of vaccines. My son was sick for weeks, high fever, diarrhea ,his eyes…I remember the change in his eyes .He was diagnosed with autism at the age 2. I will never forgive myself.

  3. cyntia silveira

    It must be other factors for the Autism Diagnose Spectrum , we can’t just think all vaccines are wrong. It must be another way to verify and do something different for the next generation .

  4. Cyntia Silveira

    I know is the vaccines . I wish I could have another child and I would never let it to happen again…But I’m 45, my son’s father is 12 years my senior so please do not blame my age or the environment. I grow up in Brazil . didn’t eat much . I loved to draw more than anything , more than food and food was not contaminated like today , it was pretty much organic , gmo free…But he is forth american generation dealing with all that that can cause autism by his father’s side.

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