2 thoughts on “Door to door Mandatory Vaccinations/Bill Gates population control via vaccines

  1. Matt

    Poor doctor. All that schooling, thinks he’s doing what’s right and has NO CLUE about nutrition, immunity and vaccines and that he is poisoning and potentially killing children. I would be like the first mom, “Get the $&%! out of my house.” Actually, I’d give him an education first and then finish with that, so that holier-than-thou smile would be wiped off his face.

  2. Elise

    But, DON’T Tell The Possibly Paid? Troll Debunkers Of The SOCIAL ORDER THAT, Because They (THEY!) Will Just Tell YOU, That YOU ARE CRAZY, AND DELUSIONAL TOO, And: YOU SHOULD GO GET SOME H E L P, And SOON! (That’s What THEY ALWAYS Say, Like CONDITIONED SOCIAL ORDER Robots) In MY Opinion (Are WE Even ALLOWED To HAVE Those, ANYMORE?) The Possibly Paid? Debunker Trolls, CAN GO SCREW THEMSELVES! (uh oh, Now THEY Will Be At MY Door, SOON, For Saying THAT!)

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