Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon: How Vaccines Harm Child Brains ***** 5 star rating

The practice of injecting pregnant women go to setting 10:27 Blaylock

Paraphrasing Blaylock: The logic the CDC uses to promote the vaccine for pregnant women is based on their fear propaganda that if the mother gets the flu virus, the virus will destroy the child’s brain and cause schizophrenia. However, It is not the flu virus that causes schizophrenia and Autism. It is the mother’s immunological response to the stimulant called Cytokines.

A study stimulated animal mothers immune system without a virus. It was the stimulation response of the maternal organism that caused the damage to the baby.

Blaylock statement: “We will probably see in 20 years from now a tremendous increase in Autism and Schizophrenia”.

VLA comment: So why are women who seek in-vitro pregancies required to get several vaccines before being admitted to the program, thus exciting the mothers immunological system? How many children have Angelman’s syndrome who were in the in vitro program? Why is the CDC recommending 4 vaccines doses to pregnant women, Tdap & multivalent flu shot with mercury?

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