Eileen Dannemann, Founder Vaccine Liberation Army speaks out

EILEEN DANNEMANN of Vaccine Liberation Army interviewed by Sallie O.Elkordy on 10/9/11:   Eileen Discusses the CDC strategy to first deny then hide the information from the public and physicians that there was a 2,500% increase in miscarriages in 2009/10 and stillbirths VAERS reports. She talks about their propaganda and use of non profits such as the March of Dimes to urge pregnant women to get the flu shot with mercury in 2010/11 without telling them about the epidemic rise.  See Data

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1 thought on “Eileen Dannemann, Founder Vaccine Liberation Army speaks out

  1. William Hewitt

    Dear Eileen, Dr Theresa A Deisher PhD has a non profit company named SCPI that does original research on biological contaminants in vaccines, drugs, cosmetics, and foods that form an environmental trigger causing damage to gut and immune system (70% of immune system) that blocks excretion of mercury by body kidneys etc. This causes mercury overload in brain (>75 ppb max limit determined by Dr William Walsh PhD of Walsh Research Institute) and onset of AD and ASD (ADHD) neurodevelopmental diseases. SCPI is producing monthly webinars titled “Commoditization of Human Beings” focusing on unethical medical practices of women and children that I record on “GoToMeeting” software and post to veoh.com. Would your organization be willing to promote and interview Dr Deisher for your media and organization?
    Sincerely, Bill

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