Government can vaccinate anyone without consent during a declared pandemic

Parent loses on Appeal in New York:  Verdict:  The government can vaccinate you children without your consent during Pandemics “as it stands, this decision states that the Federal Government can trump any State Law during what it considers a “public health emergency” and then inoculate or give pharmaceuticals to children as young as kindergarten age, with no consent from the parents, all in the name of “public health safety.”

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LIAR, LIAR: “PREP also created the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, which handles claims by individuals who suffer adverse reactions to devices, medications or therapies that have been recommended for use in public health emergencies, the decision notes”.  Comment:  Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program does not exist.  It was just put in place – never was funded.  I wonder if the attorneys know?  Also…the PREP act contained language that suspended immunity in the case of gross negligence and willful misconduct.  However, the HHS secretary and the Attorney General Holder took the substantive section (gross negligence) out when they languaged it into law. Yet it was voted by all the Congressman…just dropped out after it fully passed.

1 thought on “Government can vaccinate anyone without consent during a declared pandemic

  1. Jasmine Maguire

    People of any age should have the option to take or not to take any preventative medicine, thereby delegating that choice to the parents of minors. Preventative medicine of any kind should never be forced upon anyone.

    In the case of a pandemic where a disease is infectious if there is a medicine that can eliminate the infectious quality or cure the disease, infected persons should have the responsibility to take said medicine for the good of the public, if not by choice then by law.

    But immunizations do NOT eliminate infectiousness. Therefore forcing vaccinations upon an individual do NOT aid the public they merely “aid” the individual whose choice it should be to take them.

    When health care communities discover cures for these diseases, then the topic of forced medicine administrations for infected individuals in the case of a pandemic should be addressed and not until then.

    And the flu is NOT a pandemic.

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