HPV-vaccine-injury-claim-to-be-heard-in-federal-court this Thursday (Nov. 8, 2013)

Cervarix21A claim filed by two sisters for injuries suffered from injections of the human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil will be heard in federal court in Washington.

Madelyne Meylor, 20, and Olivia Meylor, 19, of Mount Horeb, Wis., allege that Gardasil caused both of them to suffer premature ovarian failure and left them almost certainly unable to get pregnant, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.  Read more:

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  1. Mike Shay MS, LMT, MFRT, CNA, Energy Healing

    If anyone did what the pharmaceutical companies do, they would be tried with crimes against humanity. Telford Taylor, one of the U.S. prosecutors at the Nuremberg trials said to the Nazi pharmaceutical companies, which also the U.S. pharmaceutical companies with involved with, said to the heads of those companies who were on trial for Nazi war crimes, “if Hitler were alive today, he could never do the harm to the world that you will do.” He was right.

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