Judge refuses to order vaccinations-thwarts Child Protective Services

CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE  (the Gestapo of Human Health Service)

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Judge refuses to order vaccinations

Vaccinations aren’t “essential” medical treatments, a family court judge has ruled in refusing a Child Welfare request to order inoculations for four kids.

4 thoughts on “Judge refuses to order vaccinations-thwarts Child Protective Services

  1. MIa Nony

    What do you know! a Sane judge?! I fully support more of that!
    There has been so much global cliff hanging of late, but all with a single underlying common thread.
    There is the climate scam, the banking scam the vaccination scam, the investment scam, the real estate scam, the BP (Beyond Petroleum) and Corexit scam. the refugee scam, the immigration scam, the multicultural scam, the illusion of choice about more than one party scam. These days people are fatigued by the need to PAY attention to so many vile scams, plans and programs that are all about trying to use propaganda to coerce all of us (who often have little choice but to support our governments with ever more tax dollars) to believe that using our own hard earned money against us is a good thing.
    I, for one, am frankly fed up with how transparent it has become that every inch of power we grant those in office at every level is nowadays usually used to try to achieve what does the most harm for the greatest number.
    Meanwhile officials continue to argue that to do harm under the guise of fallacious arguments like “herd immunity”, be it for the flu, for climate, for one world currency, for a communistic global “economy”, or for long term global “health” (read corporate pharmaceutically institutionalized lifelong illness) is somehow supposed to be all about the powermongers’ idea of what is best for humanity (like, just think how much better off the rest of us serfs will be after most are eliminated).
    We are asked to accept that no matter how Machiavellian and predatory corporate lobbied politicians really are, that anything these politicians say and do is somehow visionary, is predicated on foresight, and of course only comes from a caring place.
    Look around at not only the sheer bureaucratic incompetence but the sheer mass, the political pyramid scheme, the trickle up concentration at the top of proliferating evil, of political ponerology, the political evil type that is inherently so attracted to the arena of modern politics, in order to abuse it for self gain.
    Does anyone any longer believe that gold plated pension members of Parliament or Congress or the EU are in place first and foremost to see selflessly to the greater good of mankind? More frustrating still is how long it invariably takes to exercise enough patience to appeal to reason with the fearful masses, once orchestrated fear takes hold, be it promulgated about the flu, reversible and preventable illnesses, natural climate, or the plundered and pilfered economy that has been transferred away from all of us to the few who are corporate CEOs and/or who misrule each country.
    It seems to me that there are distinct cycles, that the world periodically tires of the work involved in rationality, in thinking and reasoning things through, in trying to see through all of the corruption and scams. At that point humanity begins to spiral down as it collectively descends into madness and violence and chaos. Hence the urge toward darkness, as in the Dark Ages. It also seems to me that we may possibly just be beginning to emerge from this latest tunnel of senselessness and human self loathing. This is also why the internet must be allowed to remain accessible and neutral, at all costs. It may be just the opposite of what secret governments with any agenda which plots against its own citizenry may want. But that is EXACTLY why internet communication must be protected and preserved. The internet is a tool which facilitates the raising of collective consciousness. Without it we would all be vaccinated by now and be slowly declining, degenerating and dying with compromised immune systems and toxic poisoning.

  2. kibitzer

    MIa Nony speaks truth. I would like us all to reflect on the actual value of ‘where we’re at’, with the extreme position that our erstwhile masters have taken the world. They have exposed the ‘internal contradictions’ of capitalism/corporatism, which exposure actually helps humanity to take the historical political process up a notch; out of the level of the problem, and up to a level of Synthesis – synthesis of the best of both the ‘right’ and the ‘left’. And in our day and age, that means: a major Turning Point. Indeed: a Great Turning. All the way into a better age for Man; wherein he recognizes himself as ‘a spiritual being having a human experience’.

    It’s transition time, folks. Into a golden age. No more tension between ‘cooperation’ and ‘competition’; but a blending of both. Where we are motivated to exchange goods and services between one another, and give of our best to the social state of being, including our individual human/spiritual ingenuity, for the highest reason: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

    Nothing less will suffice, now. We have pushed ourselves to the limit of the historical process, where, now, there is really only one way to go. And that is Up. Well; yes, we CAN go Down, into darkness. That’s free will for you. But our inherent nature is as phototropic beings. We may get ‘planted’ adversely in physical life. But ultimately, we will turn to the Light. Because the Light transcends the darkness of being submerged into matter; illuminates the situation, and helps us see our way out of it.

    We have a better future ahead of us. full steam ahead.

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