5 thoughts on “Nancy Grace Learns Vaccine Providers Can’t be Sued MUST WATCH

  1. Dee Nicholson

    Well, well… Nancy Grace has a whole lotta researching to do… Her wee spark of wisdom in spacing out vaccines is not enough to guarantee no damage, as she will discover!

    Hope this will serve to light a fire under her. We can use powerful voices like hers to save the health and future of a great many children, if she will keep pointed in the right direction!

    Thank you, Nancy… now please… keep reading!

  2. Marie

    The doctor in this video is doing her best to not place any blame on the flu shot. And I completely disagree with the woman in the video who says that it is best to get the flu shot. No child should have to be “collateral damage.” What ever happened to the principle that a physician must “do no harm”? Most flu shots contain mercury, a known neurotixin (toxic to the neurons in the brain), in the form of thimerosal. We are often told that “36,000” people die every year from the flu, and this is completely untrue. I looked up the actual death statistics a couple of years ago, on the CDC website. The 36,000 figure is a figure the CDC came up with years ago, and keeps using. They lump together deaths from the flu and deaths from pneumonia (which is a much higher number than flu deaths), and then they use that figure. Also, the majority of deaths from the flu are in the elderly (no doubt those in nursing homes who are already suffering from other conditions). There are very few flu deaths among children.
    I am 70, myself–I have never had a flu shot, and never get the flu. It is much safer to avoid the shot and take vitamin D and vitamin C.
    I thought that everyone knew by now that you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer or a doctor if your child suffers damage from a vaccination. Vaccines are the only product that is protected in this way by the government. With any other pharmaceutical product or any other product, if you are injured, you can sue the manufacturer–but not when it comes to vaccines.

  3. meghan gallagher

    Marx theory. This is not for the people by the people it benefits big pharma and the public suffers further dehanization…signs.

  4. lombard

    don’t forget, their criminels are experience with their crime in europe since 1710 with inoculation.
    you are the next people they kill
    do something please
    refuse this chit
    hélène french

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