New Study: Link between Hepatitis B shot and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


The link between the Hepatitis B vaccine and an increase risk of multiple sclerosis has been something of concern for a number of years since a increase in vaccinations in France led to a dramatic rise in cases of multiple sclerosis, also called MS. Now a new study being reported by Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis shows the link between the vaccine and the rise in MS cases — and explains what the mechanism may be behind this link, as well as other possible vaccine injuries and further supports older studies that found the same link from back in 2004 by a Harvard team. Read more…

VLA Comment:  Hep B is given to infant in the hospital.  It is given between one hour old and 12 hours.  Be prepared with a signed paper as you enter the hospital saying that you do not want your baby to get a Hep B shot.  Start early saying it is your religious predilection.

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