New Women’s brain disease: Vaccines possible trigger

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New Women’s brain disease: Vaccines possible trigger

Women in the United States and their doctors have been struggling with a newly discovered brain disease that attacks mainly young women.

Report about a 15-year-old female patient who was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis after receiving a booster vaccination against tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis and polio (TdaP-IPV) Read more…

The flu shot with mercury for pregnant women caused an increase of 4,250% fetal deaths in the 2009/10 flu season. The CDC recommended double dosing these women.  The CDC hid their mistakes and misled the public with false publicity that the Flu shot was safe for pregnant women.  This led to the ACIP recommending to continue the flu shot for pregnant women and to add the Dtap shot in-utero with the idea of immunizing the fetus.  This new concept of immunizing the child in-utero is untested junk science.  Pregnant women are being experimented on!    Ob/Gyn’s in the United States are currently following the ACIP recommendations to inject pregnant women with the flu shot with mercury and the Dtap shot-inutero. There is no reliable safety science for this.  In light of the above article…what will the Tdap do to the brain development of the female fetus?


5 thoughts on “New Women’s brain disease: Vaccines possible trigger

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  2. John Wantling

    What do we expect is going to happen when we inject what is basically a poisonous soup, foreign to humans, into an impregnated woman. I suggest that this will cause fetal brain cells forming, birth defects, developmental problems, learning difficulties, special needs, autism spectrum and death. Do we remember thalidomide? Why would anyone want to inflict this onto themselves is a complete mystery to me. This is total madness! I warned a pregnant woman recently about flu shots and she said that she really couldnt face it and she didnt want to know about the issue. She closed her eyes and no doubt had her injections and the ultrasound scans and in another few months she may well have an autistic baby assuming that it survives. Will she ever wake up from her blind ignorance and carelessness, I very much doubt it. John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

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