Nurse suing nursing school for expecting her to lie to parents about vaccines


Student Who Refused to Lie About Vaccines and was Kicked out of Nursing School Fights Back with Lawsuit

Excerpt: “Some hospitals require expecting moms and dads to be vaccinated with TDaP before walking into the labor and delivery floor.  My response was ‘This is a worse case scenario, but vaccinating on the floor doesn’t provide antibodies to pertussis for 6 weeks to 6 months and sometimes not even at all.’ I asked how they could promote this when they were giving these families a false sense of security.”

3 thoughts on “Nurse suing nursing school for expecting her to lie to parents about vaccines

  1. Glenn Vanden Bosch

    Please continue to send me information on any vaccines for children, which may-be a lie!

  2. Tracy

    Good for her! What is it with vaccines? Why are they pushing them so hard. I am a registered nurse being coerced into a flu vaccine. No vaccine I will have to wear a mask. I am going to have a big button made “Ask me why I didn’t get a flu shot.” I’m sure that will not go over well. I don’t get how people do not see their rights being taken away. All I can say is don’t cry when there is a boot on your neck!

  3. Conor

    I think they push vaccines because it’s not really fair that some nutcase put everyone else in danger because they’re stubborn.

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