1 thought on “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. interviews Dr. Boyd Haley on Thimerosal (mercury)

  1. kibitzer

    Thanks for this video, Eileen. Two of the great personages in the battle for the truth about vaccines.

    What didn’t get reported on, nor has it anywhere else, was a very important study that Dr. Haley was involved in that found that a good percentage of kids diagnosed with autism had a genetic predisposition – a genetic polymorphism, it is called – to be low in a substance called glutathione; which is the body’s natural chelator of heavy metals & toxins. So these kids especially should not be given vaccines with either thimerosal or aluminum in them, because they can’t eliminate those toxins as well as other kids can. Thus creating a subset of children who are more vulnerable than other children to the side effects of vaccines.

    Is there any move to screen such kids from such vaccines? No. Why not? because that would ‘imply’ that vaccines are NOT ‘safe and effective’. Can be dangerous. And the PTB can’t have that, because it runs directly counter to their mandate to vaccinate as many kids as possible. It’s called ‘herd immunity’, and damn the consequences. Well: damn these ideologues.

    I wish Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would run for and get into Congress, and kick some ass in there, instead of just relatively ineffectively around the edges of the power circles in the country. Good on him for what he does do. But he could do so much more.

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