Stakeholder Vaccine Research vs. Independent: Calling for a New Science

All of the delegates expressed concern about increases during the past three decades in the numbers of children and adults affected by immune and inflammatory diseases, ranging from asthma and neuro-developmental disordersto the emergence of previously rare but serious autoimmune health conditions. Many delegates presented information from the peer reviewed scientific literature and pointed out gaps in knowledge about the biological mechanisms for vaccine induced brain and immune dysfunction, as well as the fact there is inadequate information about:

1) Genetic and biological high risk factors 34, 35 for vaccine injury and death;
2) Vaccine safety data, especially for delayed or chronic health outcomes;
3) Vaccine additives, including aluminum adjuvants, which are immune stimulating agents, as well as mercury preservatives;
4) Multiple vaccinations given simultaneously or repeatedly over time;
5) Bias in reporting of vaccine risks and benefits; and
6) Novel vaccine-associated autoimmune diseases. Read more…

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