Truth About The Polio Vaccine

Wild Polio is a terrible disease, but a new strand of Polio has formed from oral vaccinations created to prevent the wild strand. Raymond Francis sheds light on how the vaccine-derived polio virus is on the rise and threatens global health.

VLA Comment:  The SV 40 virus has been identified as in the modern tumors of cancer patients today.  There was a academic dispute as to whether SV 40 found in today’s cancer patients was the same SV40 passed on from the polio vaccine in the 50s and sixties and even as late as the 90s.  A researcher in Chicago found a doctor who had the original polio vaccine from the 1950s  stashed in his refrigerator.  It was analyzed. Indeed today’s epidemic of Cancer is derived from the polio vaccine that millions of kids got in the 1950, 60s.  It apparently was still in the vaccine in the 1990s.

How, might a cancer-causing monkey virus, wind up in human tumors? The mystery began in 1988 with Dr. Michael Carbone. He found the SV40 virus in 60% of the human lung tumors he was studying, (SV40 stands for Simian Virus the 40th virus found). Eventually, sixty different labs confirmed the results. THE ATLANTIC.COM ARTICLE Riveting

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