Vaccine Information Network: Compilation of Videos “To Vaccinate or Not”

1229852_675119635832097_209265457_n“Your page has been a great help. I chose not to vaccinate my baby and yesterday she had her 2 month well check. When I told the nurse that I was not signing the forms to let her get vaccinated, she flipped out. Then the peds Dr. came in, did her well check then said they would no longer see my little one in their office.

There is also a vaccine-induced epidemic of diabetes, allergies, asthma, ear inflammations, ADHD and other neurological disorders as well as childhood cancers and leukemia, which is hardly surprising when one considers that babies and children whose nervous and immune systems are immature are being repeatedly and systematically poisoned with highly neurotoxic, allergenic and carcinogenic substances.  Go to Website…

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