Where are all the “adult” autism cases?

A great point is made in this video. CDC claims that the reason we have epidemic statistics on Autism cases (1 out of 50) now as opposed to statistics of 1 out of 10,000 in the 1980s and back further… is because we have better “diagnostic tools”. In other words there was major autism all along-we have just been able now with out “tools” to identify them. The gentleman on the video makes the point that if this is the case where are the “adult” autism cases…THERE ARE NONE!

6 thoughts on “Where are all the “adult” autism cases?

  1. Allison

    When my 7 mo. old daughter was harmed by vaccination and became mentally handicapped (1982) autism was not even talked about.

  2. Jim Robinett

    A prime example of government attempting to do population control. Unfortunately, the American PEOPLE don’t seem to want to get involved. America and it’s PEOPLE is dying.

  3. Jim West

    Yes, vaccines are a big factor, but please include the fine argument for ULTRASOUND and AUTISM.

    Ultrasound is utilized to clean labware, so of course, it can do a number on very fine and rapidly growing dendrites and axons.

    “If [ultrasound] occurs in human babies at the time the developing brain is at its most vulnerable (16 weeks old, when ultrasound scanning tends to be carried out), it is possible that vital cells could be damaged or destroyed with little possibility of replacement. This could lead to long-term neurological damage.”

    “Although there has never been any research to prove it, [ultrasound] is assumed totally safe by doctors and parents-to-be alike. In fact, the opposite is true.”

    “Scanning can pick up `things that shouldn’t be there’ – resulting [in cycles of more ultrasound, compounding the damage…]

    From a PRO-ultrasound article:
    “Cranial bones are less dense at this stage [13 weeks].” [vulnerable to ultrasound damage, and what about 8 or 10 weeks?]
    [Mouse study shows neurological damage with normal ultrasound exposure.]
    [Nobody knows, research avoided: ]”the paltry amount of clinical and experimental data”

    Epidemiology correlates ultrasound with autism.

    Again a quote from

    “Monkeys repeatedly exposed to ultrasound showed clear behavioural problems, such as social withdrawal.”

    Despite even the CDC warning against fetal ultrasound exposure, pediatricians are pushing ultrasound as a form of entertainment. Those who refuse ultrasound are threatened with abandonment by a doctor or midwife to whom the client has invested time bonding, gaining trust, etc.

  4. Jim West

    “Money” shortage over the autism disaster is not actually a concern for the economic system. Your tragic problem is someone else’s employment, someone else’s paycheck. Besides, medical disasters are added to the GNP as profit (the booming medical industry).

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