Israel flagVLA COMMENT:  Our website has been hacked several times.  I found it really disturbing that DEFAMATION had been scrubbed.  Obviously it is a very important film that certain organization do not want you to see. However, I have found a link to watching for FREE

This is a riveting documentary film by an Israeli director mistakenly welcomed (in retrospect) in by Abe Foxman (Anti-defamation league) into the inner offices. Israeli director Yoav Shamir (Checkpoint, 5 Days, Flipping Out) eventually finds out who???is the main organization & country that is propagating antisemitism today!    This is an eye opener!

The other side of the argument

VLA comment: We have no opinion on the historical facts of the Jewish holocaust.  However, we posted this article in light of DEFAMATION having been hacked out of our site.

1 thought on “DEFAMATION

  1. sstorch

    the zionists sure do not want folks to find out the truth about judaism. i am supposedly a jew. in reality i am a khazar. khazar is listed in a dna test as an ashkinazik eastern european jew. this is a myth, a fable, a lie. research khazars yourself. real semeitic blood can be found in palestine, iraq, iran, ethiopia, even china. less than 2% of the 20 million ‘jews’ have real semitic blood in their veins. go figure! azuchem vay…

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