CDC Whistleblower letter-Link between MMR vaccine and Autism

Gerberding-CDC-fraud-640Letter to Director of CDC, Dr.Julia Gerberding of Dr. Thompson (CDC whistleblower) concerns about the MMR vaccine study manipulation of data regarding a connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism. (NaturalNews) The CDC whistleblower who has come forward with proof that the CDC knowingly covered up scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism has now been revealed as William W. Thompson, PhD.  Read more…

Gary Franchi interview with Mike Adams, Natural News.

Gary Franchi of WHDT TV interviews investigative reporter Mike Adams regarding CDC’s damning coverup of the MMR vaccine causing autism, including producing the 2004 letter CDC epidemiologist Wm. Thompson, PhD sent the then head of CDC–Dr. Julie Gerberding, MD, MPH, who since has become the President of Vaccines at Merck, about the problems with vaccines, plus the PR war about vaccine ‘safety’.

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