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Hundreds of H1N1 vaccine-related miscarriages (data)

The National Coalition of Organized Women has collected the stories and Vaccine Adverse Events reports on hundreds of pregnant women who were virtually forced or psychologically pushed into taking the untested H1N1 vaccine in the 2009 faux pandemic resulting in abortions, stillbirths and miscarriages in every trimester. The hoax was predicated on a purported 30 H1N1 virus related deaths which were not confirmed by testing.  The women who died allegedly of the H1N1 virus at the beginning of the season had multiple co-morbidity factors such as diabetes, asthma, etc. DATA

Candice O Denver: (Advanced knowledge) The perfection of who you are

You can freely listen to Candice or download free videos of her lectures. The basic premise is that everyone has a point of view.  And all these various points of view can never be reconciled or harmonized.  But there is only one VIEW that all the various points of view fit within. Once you understand that you are the VIEWER and that all relative existence is happening perfectly, including all points of view. Listening to Candice’s talks on GREAT FREEDOM  you will realize that you are perfect just the way you are- doing just what you are doing, no matter how it appears to others or even to yourself. It certainly is GREAT FREEDOM  Website

ACRES USA (magazine and books on authentic organic knowledge)

ACRES USA:  The most authentic eco-agricultural magazine on the market.  ACRES USA available books are amongst the best in the world written by the men and women who knew and lived organic agriculture before the introduction of toxic chemicals. The Acres USA collection should be in every land grant universities’ sustainable library.  You can subscribe to the monthly magazine. See the book list….



Patient perspectives on gluten grain intolerance.sensitivities

Many people who have been misdiagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism are actually vaccine injured.  Because the injury is, in part,  to the digestion and its pathways, the gluten free and casein free diet has had an important and remarkable success in recovery protocol.