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School Based Health Clinic: Medical Aggression on Adolecent School Kids

Parents would revolt if they knew that the pharmaceutical industry, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Centers for Disease Control have allocated millions of dollars in funding to establish vaccine clinics in the public schools. Pumping children with experimental vaccines in public school is about to be pursued as a matter of policy.

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The Role of Psychiatry in International Terrorism

The role of psychiatry in international terrorism

Terrorism is created; it is not human nature. Suicide bombers are made, not born. Ultimately, terrorism is the result of madmen bent on destruction, and these madmen are typically the result of psychiatric or psychological techniques aimed at mind and behavioral control. Suicide bombers are not rational—they are weak and pliant individuals psychologically indoctrinated to murder innocent people without compassion, with no concern for the value of their own lives. They are manufactured assassins.  Download PdF

Part of that process involves the use of mind–altering psychiatric drugs. Read more…

2500 Suicide and Homicide stories from the use of psyche medication…Read more….

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Yesterday I got 400 stickers out in 10 minutes.  Couldn’t believe it, but I checked the time I left the car to when I finished & got back in & only 10 minutes went by.  I gave a  kid ready to get on the bus a bag of 50 stickers.  I then left the bus area to get off the school grounds & went to the sidewalk area off the school grounds & caught 35 kids walking home in various groups.  I gave each kid 10 stickers to keep 1 & give the rest to friends.  Saying “free stickers!” …it grabs the kids attention & they come right up to you & get them.
What I did a couple nights before going out Monday was I took the roll of 500.   I rolled out 10 stickers & cut the roll of 10 & did that with the rest in my roll.  I then folded each roll of 10 back & forth so that it was a stack & paperclipped & did that with the rest of the 10 rolls (just an extra step I wanted to do to keep them together better).  I put 5 of the 10 packs (50 stickers total) in a bag that I gave the kid that boarded the bus & asked him to pass them out to the kids on the bus.  The rest of the 10 packs I gave to the 35 kids walking home which totaled 350 stickers plus the 50 to the kid on the bus for 400 total.