VLA Troopers



Yesterday I got 400 stickers out in 10 minutes.  Couldn’t believe it, but I checked the time I left the car to when I finished & got back in & only 10 minutes went by.  I gave a  kid ready to get on the bus a bag of 50 stickers.  I then left the bus area to get off the school grounds & went to the sidewalk area off the school grounds & caught 35 kids walking home in various groups.  I gave each kid 10 stickers to keep 1 & give the rest to friends.  Saying “free stickers!” …it grabs the kids attention & they come right up to you & get them.
What I did a couple nights before going out Monday was I took the roll of 500.   I rolled out 10 stickers & cut the roll of 10 & did that with the rest in my roll.  I then folded each roll of 10 back & forth so that it was a stack & paperclipped & did that with the rest of the 10 rolls (just an extra step I wanted to do to keep them together better).  I put 5 of the 10 packs (50 stickers total) in a bag that I gave the kid that boarded the bus & asked him to pass them out to the kids on the bus.  The rest of the 10 packs I gave to the 35 kids walking home which totaled 350 stickers plus the 50 to the kid on the bus for 400 total.

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