New Synthetic Species: Making viruses and bacterium whos parents are computers

Working with Novartis with Venter’s new “synthetic” species to produce flu vaccine.

Announcing the first synthetic species. Identify the cell digital code in the computer; building the chromosome from four bottles of chemicals….transforming the recipient bacteria cell into a new bacterial species. Parent is a computer. The new synthetic species has its own website encoded in its genetic code.

2 thoughts on “New Synthetic Species: Making viruses and bacterium whos parents are computers

  1. Alan V. Schmukler

    I find nothing wrong with pure science research. It’s part of human nature to explore and discover. Unfortunately,these discoveries will be used to serve purely corporate interests. Venter keeps mentioning that a discovery took two years or 15 years, while missing the absurdity that he is tinkering with something that evolved over millions of years. I listen to Venter talk and hear a totally left brained individual with a mechanistic view of life, amoral and devoid of spirituality. He will sell his discoveries to the highest bidder regardless of the cost to humanity.
    There is a flaw in our educational system that creates such individuals. Rudolf Steiner and other enlightened educators understood that the whole person must be allowed to grow. But in our industrial society, with emphasis on production, our schools are factories for turning out unbalanced people. They are often well meaning, but the fruits of their efforts are destructive.

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