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Experimenting w/Vaccines on the Afrikans first-GATES pledges $10 Bn for vaccines

EXPERIMENTATION…. notice that this campaign gets rolled out “first” in Afrika so that these children are the first to use this new vaccine.

“The Gavi Alliance, a global health partnership of public and private sectors for immunization, says 19 countries will get the jab at first. Kenyan children have begun receiving it and Sierra Leone, Yemen, Honduras and Guyana will follow this year. Infants in Nicaragua also started receiving the vaccine a few weeks ago”.

The spokesman particularly notes for the camera and for the mothers in the room –“they are all getting the same jab as the European and US citizen’s get….yet…the UK, the US and children in Europe get…. haven’t gotten it yet. Perhaps we are waiting to see what the adverse effects are first for the downtrodden and unsuspecting Afrikans. Read more…

Bill and Melinda Gates pledges 10 billion dollars over 10 years for vaccines.  Read more…

US Scientists confirm MMR link to autism

2001 research shows that there could be a link between the controversial MMR triple vaccine and autism and bowel disease in children. The study appears to confirm the findings of British doctor Andrew Wakefield, who caused a storm in 1998 by suggesting a possible link.
Now a team from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina are examining 275 children with regressive autism and bowel disease – and of the 82 tested so far, 70 prove positive for the measles virus.  Read more…

Two Research Studies: Aluminum in Vaccines

Long-term persistence of vaccine-derived aluminum hydroxide is associated with chronic cognitive dysfunction.

Couette M, Boisse MF, Maison P, Brugieres P, Cesaro P, Chevalier X, Gherardi RK, Bachoud-Levi AC, Authier FJ.

Macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) is an emerging condition, characterized by specific muscle lesions assessing long-term persistence of aluminum hydroxide within macrophages at the site of previous immunization. Affected patients mainly complain of arthromyalgias, chronic fatigue, and cognitive difficulties. We designed a comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests to prospectively delineate MMF-associated cognitive dysfunction (MACD). Read more…

Aluminum hydroxide injections lead to motor deficits and motor neuron degeneration

Christopher A. Shaw and Michael S. Petrik
a Departments of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
b Experimental Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
c Graduate Program in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Read more…