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Federal Court overturns District Judge decision & rules in favor of indefinite detention

In and around Sept 12, 2012 District Judge Katherine Forest ruled to ban the  enforcement of part of a new law that permits indefinite military detention, a measure critics including a prize-winning journalist say is too vague and threatens free speech.

HOWEVER, the Federal government’s wheels turned quickly and in no time judges appointed by Obama overturned her decision.   READ more…

CONGRESSMAN CARL LEVIN, co sponsor of the bill was asked by the Obama administration to remove the language that protected Americans from indefinite detention.

Video of Carl Levin on the Floor of Congress

Genetically Engineered “Algae” by Monsanto OH NO!

Perhaps this is why Monsanto want to genetically engineer Algae…Energy source and fertilizer at the risk of destroying the ecosystem at its most fundamental. Mutated, genetically engineered (GE) or synthetic algae that may be able to use saltwater and polluted water, but there are risks of out-of-control consequences. Critics of GE algae say that there are great risks that include mutation, contamination, becoming out-of-control, killing fish and polluting water systems.

The purpose of genetically engineered products is to lock up income-generating patents and to create monopolies.  READ MORE…

To be competitive and independent from fluctuating support from (local) policy on the long run, biofuels should equal or beat the cost level of fossil fuels. Here, algae based fuels hold great promise, directly related to the potential to produce more biomass per unit area in a year than any other form of biomass. The break-even point for algae-based biofuels is estimated to occur in about ten to fifteen years.[

Mother blames cancer vaccine for teen’s death

Jasmine Renata, 18, died in September 2009 in a sleepout at her home in Upper Hutt, north of Wellington. She had received the last of three injections of Gardasil six months earlier. At the time of her death, Ms Renata’s mother Rhonda said she believed Gardasil may have been the cause.  Read more of how the medical establishment blew it off…