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FDA: Despite Vaccine, Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Spreads


ATLANTA – A government study offers a new theory on why the whooping cough vaccine doesn’t seem to be working as well as expected.

The research suggests that while the vaccine may keep people from getting sick, it doesn’t prevent them from spreading whooping cough – also known as pertussis – to others.

“It could explain the increase in pertussis that we’re seeing in the U.S.,” said one of the researchers, Tod Merkel of the Food and Drug Administration.  Read more…

United Health Care Group study CONFLICT OF INTEREST-Vaccines don’t cause Autism


United Health Care Group study CONFLICT OF INTEREST-Vaccines don’t cause Autism (Oh sure!)

The Lewin Group’s parent company, UnitedHealth Group, is a key government partner in Obamacare.

Researchers like Lucija Tomljenovic, Catherine DeSoto, Robert Hitlan, Christopher Shaw, Helen Ratajczak, Boyd Haley, Carolyn Gallagher, Melody Goodman, M.I. Kawashti, O.R. Amin, N.G. Rowehy, T. Minami, Laura Hewitson, Brian Lopresti, Carol Stott, Scott Mason, Jaime Tomko, Bernard Rimland, Woody McGinnis, K. Shandley and D.W. Austin, ON AND ON… are just a few of the many scientists whose peer-reviewed, published works have found possible links between vaccines and autism. But unlike The Lewin Group’s study, their research has not been endorsed and promoted by the government and, therefore, has not been widely reported in the media. READ MORE…


VLA Comment:  Here is the real deal – 100 Parents of vaccine injured children speak out!

Well over a hundred parents speak out in two minute video clips on youtube to tell the world that they are absolutely certain that the vaccines caused their children’s neuro-developmental injuries. Go to the Channel…