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Swedish European Medicine Agency (EMA) Launching HPV vaccine investigation


Sunday, July 12th Svenska Dagbladet (a Swedish newspaper) released a story giving hope to hundreds of Danish families whose lives turned upside-down when their daughters began to experience multiple new medical conditions after HPV vaccine injections. This newspaper announced the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was launching a probe into possible side effects of the highly controversial HPV vaccines. Finally, these families believed they might get some answers as to why their daughters had transformed from healthy athletic girls to mere shadows of their former selves. Read more…

BMJ (British Medical Journal): MEDICAL HOLOCAUST – Almost all Psyche drugs are useless and harmful


More than half a million people age 65 years or older die every year in the West from psychiatric drug use, and the worst part is that these death pills aren’t even effective at treating either mental illness or depression. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people are dying every year from the normal and prescribed use of psych meds like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are linked to causing extreme depression and provoking users towards suicide or even homicide.  Learn more…

With 49 Million Americans on Psychiatric Drugs — Renowned Psychiatrist Issues Call for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Research shows long-term exposure to psychiatric drugs has proven to be far more dangerous than originally anticipated, and includes the threat of medication-induced obesity, diabetes, heart disease, irreversible abnormal movements, emotional and cognitive disability, and an overall deterioration in the patient’s clinical condition and quality of life.

49 Million people on Psyche DrugsReadmore

Parents’ Voice: Thousands of short stories of how the vaccines injured their child


Excerpt from website: 

On September the 18th 2010 I started an inquiry amongst parents of Autistic children

“I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.”   Go to website

Excerpts of parents’ stories:

Abeautifuleyedea  My son received 3 sets of vaccines, in 3 weeks, despite my protesting the fact. I was told children’s services would be involved if I didn’t comply with the vaccine schedule. Within a couple weeks he lost all the language he had acquired, and regressed so that he no longer had skills he was capable of even a month previous. Up to this point my son hit every milestone for his age of 18 month’s.

Laura Adams  My son got his 18 month shots plus a flu shot when he was 15 months old per the schedule followed at his doctors office. Within 15 minutes after the shots when we were in the car, he passed out which may have been a seizure looking back now. Within 30 days he had lost all language, stopped responding to his name, and started to withdraw. Six months after the shots, he was diagnosed with autism and hyperkinesis.

Go Fund Me National Legislator Campaign “DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS”

Oxycontin: TIME BOMB (documentary)


Yes, the drug has helped many people. But it has killed a lot of people and many thousands are addicted and cannot get out. There is a thriving market for oxy’s out there on the street. And the withdrawals are a bitch.

Since OxyContin was introduced in 1996, Canada has recorded the second-highest number of prescription opioid painkiller addictions and the world’s second-highest death rate from overdoses. In the US, narcotic overdose deaths now surpass deaths from murders and fatal car accidents.

The Tiny Time-Released Time Bomb

As soon as it was released, Purdue Pharma hailed OxyContin as its new “miracle pill” for pain sufferers. Drug company representatives told physicians and patients OxyContin was safer than other narcotics because it was time-released, so there was essentially no potential for abuse—but nothing could’ve been farther from the truth. WATCH DOCUMENTARY

US Congress Legislation: Vaccine All Children Act 2015 (Nationwide mandatory vaccines)


Vaccine All Children Act 2015

Florida congresswoman recently introduced a new legislative bill that, if passed, would restrict federal funding to states that don’t require every single public school student to be fully vaccinated according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended guidelines.

“each student enrolled in one of the State’s public elementary schools or public secondary schools … be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.”

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Vaccines: Iatrogenic Drug and Vaccine-induced Mitochondrial Disorders


“Mitochondrial damage is now understood to play a role in a wide range of seemingly unrelated disorders such as schizophrenia, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Recently it has become known that iatrogenic (physician or treatment-caused) mitochondrial damage explains many adverse reactions from medications.” – John Neustadt, MD and Steven Pieczenik, MD.

Excerpt:  …During the Q & A, a mitochondrial research scientist in the audience got up and talked about a colleague of his that had written an academic paper that identified 72 commonly-prescribed drugs that were mitochondrial poisons. He mentioned Pfizer’s Lipitor and Zoloft as two examples. The author had not been able to get her paper published, and I have found no evidence that it was ever published. No comments were forthcoming from the UMDF expert that was leading the conference, and the discussion went back to the rare hereditary forms of the disease

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Comment, Dr. Kohl:

Many of these disorders (see list below) are actually caused by prescription drugs, vaccines and/or other toxic chemicals that are poisoning the mitochondria in our brains, nerves, muscles and other organs. Thus we are being afflicted by preventable, iatrogenic- or industry-caused diseases.  List of disease caused by mitochondrial damage from vaccines and drugs.

1) Aluminum-induced Defective Mitochondrial Metabolism Perturbs Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Human Astrocytoma Cells

2) Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury Is a Mitochondrial Toxin in Human Astrocytes

3) Medication-induced Mitochondrial Damage and Disease