5 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Cottrell & Mike Adams: MODERNA is the ANTIDOTE for Sars Covid 2 (but wait!!!)

  1. Starr

    Where is this purified, “isolated” “deadly virus” to PROVE there needs an “antidote”? Never once in history has there been a proven a “deadly virus” abd that we are “infectious, biological weapons.” Germ theory is a lie!!! What is this guy with his “white board” doing? Perpetuating a lie!!!

    No pharmaceutical company has the “antidote,” because there never has been a “deadly virus” to warrant a “pandemic.” Man, how much more lies and murk do we have to sift through? If there was a “deadly virus” on he loose and if there was an “antidote,” it would be hidden. Come on!

  2. Ashok TJaisinghani

    ?COVID-19 Vaccines KILLED General Colin Powell who was former Secretary of State of USA❗He suffered from Severe COVID-19, even after getting injections of 2 doses of the VACCINE‼️ How many more TOP Leaders, Famous Persons and even Doctors must die due to the COVID-19 Vaccines, so that they can be declared DANGEROUS and BANNED❓
    ?If a TOP American General like Colin Powell can DIE because of the COVID-19 Vaccine injections, the Drug Makers, and the MEDIA promoting the Vaccines BLINDLY, shall soon face trouble from the American ARMED Forces. CENSORSHIP by the MEDIA shall come to an END soon‼️


  3. Editor Post author

    DR. COTTRELL uses the word Antidote to explain that whatever man made nanotech sequence and device this is, Moderna, via AI, can project and target the evolving strain and make another “antidote” that is…vaccine (which also is not the real identity of this thing)

  4. Timothy Hirou

    I need a solution for my rebellious daughter who took the Pfizer mRNA Jab. Is there anything I can do? (mRNA shot to restore the normal DNA genome, if the mRNA is actually overwriting DNA? A Immune System Booster, etc..)

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