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CHARLES M LIEBER (Harvard) Nanotech specialist implicated in manufactured Covid Virus (Patents)


Charles Lieber (62), former professor and chairman of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Departments at Harvard University, is a world leading scientist in the field of nanowire technology and interfacing with human biology and neurology at the microscopic level, and is an inventor of 50 patents in this field.

Reports allege that the DoD and NIH had previously conspired to deliver a collection of pathogens, developed by the US military in Fort Detrick, Maryland, to China, and accompanied this handover with carbon nanotube technology developed by Charles Lieber. All this, with the approval of Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIAID), assisted by Peter Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance),  and Francis Collins (NIH).

For context of the hierarchy at play; the NIH, which has financial stake in Gates funded covid “vaccines”, previously run by Francis Collins (who resigned because of the exposure of his cooperative gain of function research with China) is the umbrella organization that Fauci’s NIAID operates under. Anthony Fauci is responsible for funneling money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through the EcoHealth Alliance.

EcoHealth Alliance is a so-called “charity” which, under the guise of  “protecting people, animals, and the environment from emerging infectious diseases,” funds the development of biological weapons. They received $39 million from the Pentagon, which funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology between 2013 and 2020 (the year of Lieber’s arrest), the same Wuhan lab accused of being the source of Covid-19.


Global Future from Russia & USA: Cyborgs, artificial intelligence, robotic transhumanism

The race for human immortality though technology. Android robot servants; Brain transplanted in an Avator being for eternal life including robotic organs. Transfer ones personality into another character. Bodies made of nano robots. The era of Neohumanity. Comment VLA: I trust that I will be off the planet by this time, perhaps residing on Venus while I explore eternity with my subtle radiant body.

Here is the American version: Jason Silva

Rather than an immortal body proposed by Transhumanists, we can use this technology for healing injuries – tissue regeneration – 3 dimensional printing an organ with patient cells…for the purposes of healing not for the purpose of becoming Gods by implants and transcending biology on the material plane. VLA comment: I am for transcending biology metaphysically.

TRANSHUMANISM DEFINED: TRANSHUMANISM Full) Techno-eugenics for the neo-feudal age

Graham Hancock: On soul & technology.

June 2013

DARPA (Dept. of War agency) slated for a 2 Billion dollar budget in 2014 is funding research that is producing artificial chromosomes. Read more…and watch video below:

Full Documentary on Transhumanism- Bionics, Transhumanism, and the end of Evolution (Full Documentary)

VLA comment: “An immortal body without an immortal mind is the description of Hell on Earth. How many people today would you consider enlightened?  Are the “enlightened ones” driving this science?  Who is funding this science? Are they your enlightened leaders? As it concerns today’s medical research…science is based on fear and promotes sickness as in vaccines and rotating medicines.  At the very least, from the earliest age, vaccines and psyche drugs are physically and mentally disabling the emerging generations of humanity.  Are these beings the establishment’s pre-debilitated humans that transhumanism science would experiment on and immortalize in a bionic  body?  For I would think that the spiritually enlightened would rather experience the eternal platform of awakening & awareness of their essential immortality  and eternal consciousness in this lifetime on earth,  while glad to  experience changes that includes transformation through the natural portal of mortal death”….Eileen Dannemann, founder VLA and director of the National Coalition of Organized Women.

Transhumanism:In the latter half, journalist and author Daniel Estulin discussed how spectacular technological advances will soon transform humans into some other life form. The term TransEvolution indicates a change from human being to something new. “The generation of our children, the kids who are 15, 16, 17 years old, they are the last truly human generation…their children, and their children’s children will no longer be human;” they’ll be transhumans, cyborgs, and man-machines, he predicted. “We, as people of the planet Earth are standing on the cusp of the greatest change in the history of mankind…and people are simply unprepared for what’s coming,” he continued.We’re already beginning to see this evolution, he said, citing neurochip interfaces that could ultimately increase human intelligence to a large degree. He noted that a number of changes are outlined in the Strategic Trends Report (PDF), a document from the British government that looks as far ahead as the year 2040. Eventually, the goal of transhumanists is to move the human mind into a new vehicle, a humanoid robot controlled by a brain-machine interface. Estulin believes that the move toward transhumanism is part of a long range plan by the Elite, who seek to control and mold the human race, as well as reduce the overall population. How do you feel about transhumanism? Take the C2C Insta-Poll.




The following three part video series contains substantive and comprehensive collections of video newswire YouTube clips, internet articles and copies of unclassified government documents.

The purpose of this video is to assist the viewer in making an informed decision about the safety and effectiveness of injectable nano enhanced microchips for medical and biological applications.

There is a billion dollar cybernetic industry emerging that can be controlled by special interests and/or corrupt government using nano technology to acquire absolute political power, to amass enormous wealth and to control the fate of human destiny.

As our collective human consciousness is evolving to a higher level of awareness, adversaries to freedom could be planning to counter this positive phenomenon by indoctrinating us involuntarily into the Cyborg Age. Is it not only possible, but highly probable that this potential threat to our lives and liberties can be accomplished with the use of mandatory immunological procedures that include nano enhanced microchips administered in vaccines in the name of public health without our knowledge or consent? Skeptics may deny it, the brain barrier penetrating computer/cognitive interface nano technology is not science fiction, it exists today.  Are mad scientists in the process of creating a new devastating threat to public safety, a medical Trojan horse – with NANOBIOTICS?

All that is required to activate a genocidal and enslavement program is for a tyrannical government (whether national or global) with a demonic agenda to declare a false flag state of medical emergency to ‘protect public health’ with a forced nanobiotic ‘herd immunity’ vaccination program for the common good.

Too conspiratorial? The documentation presented in this video indicates the logistical infrastructure (such as SBHC’s and first responder training programs) and the psuedo-legal framework (such as Title XXI of the Public Health Service Act, The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act and The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act) has already been planned and implemented.

Together these laws provide immunity from tort liability for vaccine and/or drug companies who manufacture dangerously defective products. The language also overrides freedom of medical choice protection laws in every state and grant excessively broad emergency powers to the federal government that can legalize mandatory quarantines and forced vaccination declarations.

Once this nanobiotic technology is fully implemented, independent or politically incorrect thinking may not be possible. Whether we enter a new Age of Enlightenment or an Age of Tyranny unlike anything this world has ever known, our future depends on how well we assess this diabolical threat and how well we become informed about Nanobiotics and Transhumanism.

[This film has been edited to comply with the requirements of the Operation Paul Revere Film Contest sponsored by InfoWars.com.]