CNN Hero of the Year Midwife Robin Lim: GMO damage to umbilical cords

“In five days time I saw one fatal cord accident, another cord problem leading to stat cesarean birth, and today another incident of deep fetal distress due to cord problems.  The study I read concerning M16 genetically modified corn showed that when fed to pregnant mice, all the offspring in one generation, had alterations of ALL the cells in ALL their organs! Can you see why I am worried about our precious placentas? I did not make this connection until I began to see an increase in abnormalities and pathology due to placenta and cord troubles. The fact that so many Indonesian women depend upon genetically modified soy products (tempe and tofu) for their day-to-day protein — and the early introduction of GMO soy here… it got me wondering”– Robin Lim  Read article

3 thoughts on “CNN Hero of the Year Midwife Robin Lim: GMO damage to umbilical cords

  1. Jenny Goddard

    Without a doubt this is true, I went to a seminar 5 years ago and a Hungarian scientist was talking about this very same problem.
    She went on to say that her husband and herself had contracts with Monsanto but as they exposed great worries over the animal trials, that showed not just this problem but also the gut problems that were emerging showing the intestinal alteration, including growths and sterility to animals fed the GMO.
    They were both fired and exiled from the scientific community

  2. Jeffrey

    Soy generally should be avoided unless it is fermented. Even fermented, organic soy products should be used moderately. If the source is GM soy it is unlikely there is anything you can do to make it safe to eat.

    GM corn has been engineered to make males sterile. In other words if you have any hope of successfully reproducing you can no longer eat soy or corn or products made from then. That includes virtually all processed foods which means whole isles in supermarkets are off limits. This is without the dire and growing threat of radiation contamination from Japan. It is my current understanding that U.S. dairy products are no longer safe. ENENEWS which reports on Fukushima radiation news recently reported: “Highest level of radioactive cesium in San Francisco-area milk since August 2011 -Now at 150% of EPA’s maximum contaminant limit”

    If you raise animals their ability to reproduce will be compromised if not stopped cold by feeding GM feed. These products also are found in pet foods.

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