March 24, 2014 Bisons & Elks leaving Yellowstone National Park en masse

VLA comment (DEE): Bison. Elk. Galloping away, literally, having to stop to catch their breath, then galloping again….Think Supervolcano. Think caldera under Lake Yellowstone. When the birds leave, it’s time to buckle up… they will be the last to go.

VLA comment (Stella): Signs signs everywhere signs. Here is video of bison evacuating Yellowstone Park, an area with great potential for massive seismic activity. Other animals are leaving as well; 1/4 of the Elk herd has already left.

VLA comment (Founder):  Could they be leaving because they are targeted for slaughter?

300-600 Yellowstone Bison Sent to Slaughter; Meats, Hides Will Go…/300-600-yellowstonebison-to-b…

Boise Weekly

Feb 11, 2014 – Yellowstone National Park officials say they’re planning to slaughter between 300 and 600 bison. The animals are set to be trucked to …

Yellowstone Will Erupt Again!

11 thoughts on “March 24, 2014 Bisons & Elks leaving Yellowstone National Park en masse

  1. madaline

    thank you for keeping this info coming, I feel as though having a ‘knowing’ about events on Mother Earth allows me the space to hold energy of lite towards Yellow Stone as the center point. working my way around as the pebble dropped in the water.

    blessings, love love love

  2. Bookmaker

    One interesting thing in Arizona, the vultures are massing in great numbers.
    Do they know something we don’t know?

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  4. Editor Post author

    It may be because, the government has a Bison slaughter program going on…so the vultures are there to pick at the carcas. Perhaps the Bison are running away not because of the volcano but because they notice they are being slaughtered by there human benefactor “stewards”.

  5. David Wilcock

    There are several obvious signs that this is a hoaxed video. You don’t have to be trained in CG to see it, but if you’ve worked in CG it’s very easy to see it.

    1. You never see any part of the car the person is driving in. They never turn to get a different angle that shows you the interior of the vehicle, such as a side view that would show the bison running right by. Real people filming will do things like drop down to their odometer, clock, pan to their faces, say out loud how terrifying this is, try to get close-ups as the bison go by, et cetera.

    2. The bison are very obviously CG modeled, not real. The most obvious way to tell this is they didn’t spend very much time on the shading of the shadow against the road. If you look carefully you can see that the shadows are very poor. Too sharp, too high contrast compared to the road. This is most embarrassingly obvious as the bison are far away and the shading of the shadows is exactly the same opacity as it is when they get closer. Real pavement wouldn’t allow the shadows to be this dark, sharp and consistent.

    3. The bison themselves look a bit cartoonish. It’s a decent CG render but not perfect. Bear in mind that character rigging has gotten so good, thanks to all the movies with running animals in them, that they could build something like this without a whole lot of effort, including the seemingly realistic movements.

    4. There is no sound of the bison whatsoever. If this person was having bison run past him in his car, this would be very loud. From the 1800s we know bison make a terrible noise as they stampede. The driver would also have the window down to hear the sound and add it to the video.

    5. The person is completely unafraid of the bison running right beside his car. Particularly in the last shot, no sane driver would be maintaining his speed and not worried about the bison crashing right into his vehicle.

    6. The camera movements, noises and breathing patterns are not consistent with someone seeing something like this really happening.

    7. If something this intense was happening it would have been spotted by many people, including geologists, and would be widely filmed and reported — not just one obviously fake video.

    8. The difficulty factor of making this fake video would be much higher, and more expensive, if the driver ever panned to any part of the interior of the car, or even once tried to follow a bison as it headed off to his left to get a close-up. Instead we have this permanently ideal shot, framed for one angle, at one perspective, so that once these parameters were set up in the rendering program, no major re-envisioning was necessary. They could just drop in their characters in the virtual environment that they mapped to correspond with the physical landmarks of the highway in the shot.

    Conclusion: This is a high-quality but far from perfect fake. My strong guess is that this is another government-manufactured and planted fake. The latest Snowden docs clearly show this is being done, as seen on

    The likely hope is to distract us from other very important things going on right now, which are the subject of my next article — namely an impending global economic restructuring in favor of BRICS.

    You may not think the shadow government cares what you believe, but they very much do. This is an obvious, clumsy attempt to invoke fear and get everyone thinking Yellowstone is about to blow. They need “consent” in order to be allowed to create disasters. Those are the “rules” these occult groups must follow. Reality is co-creative. If they can get us believing this is really happening, our thoughts help create that reality. Right now they desperately need some mega-disaster, and want it, as it would reduce population (their main goal) and distract us from their imminent defeat.

    – David Wilcock

  6. Ladyhawke

    I worked and lived in Yellowstone for a few years. I rarely saw a bison running, only if it felt in danger from the visitors around them. They are so huge, weight wise, that it is NOT in there nature to run like that WITHOUT A REASON.

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