Princeton University to use students for experimental meningitis vaccine

Woman-Teenager-Study-Books-College-SchoolPrinceton University is poised to move forward on a plan that would transform the entire student body into human guinea pigs for a campus-wide vaccine medical experiment. Responding to nothing more than a handful of students contracting mild meningitis (and then fully recovering), Princeton now wants to inject ALL students with a vaccine that isn’t even approved for use in the United States, thereby making it a vaccine experiment with unknown outcomes that must, by definition, include risk. This experimental vaccine is not approved by the FDA for use in the United States.  VLA Comment:  Even if this vaccine were approved by the FDA, like virtually all the vaccines, they have bogus benefit and heightened risk destroying the natural immune system on the way.  And with the present count of 54 vaccine doses by the time the child is six years old, the establishment and medical cabal is disabling the entire incoming generation of humanity.   Read more…

Response from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Excerpt:  Strain type: There are more than 12 serotypes (strains) of Neisseria bacteria. The cases at Princeton involves serotype B, the most common cause of bacterial meningitis and sepsis in infants in Europe and causes of up to 60% of cases in the U.S. Of note, “none of the meningitis vaccines recommended for college admission (Menomune, Menactra or Menveo) produce antibodies against the serotype B strain”. Interestingly, certain strains of meningococcal bacteria are actually beneficial. Read more here.

Vaccine is problematic — which led the U.K. to reject it

9 thoughts on “Princeton University to use students for experimental meningitis vaccine

  1. John Wantling

    If students don’t know by now that vaccines carry a risk, sometimes lethal, and that they do not work anyway, that they are based on infection and that germ science is totally wrong, then god help them. There is enough information now available for students to do some research. Vaccines are fundamentally related to the dumbing down of america and students must be dumbed down already if they are stupid enough to take a vaccine of any description. God help you american students.

  2. Oscar

    The “outbreak” of Meningitis was fishy from day one! The response of “forcing ” students to get a vaccine is ridiculous
    So… No attacking the source of the “outbreak ” ignoring the origin in exchange for a profitable $ olution is

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  4. Percy Skrebbles

    Princeton is one of the “secret society illum schools”, so of course, this is a debilitating vaccine. They have been using them since the 1800 to depopulate. If I had the phone number I would call and raise hell. Its not just the dumbing down, its also the sterilization factor, along with the attack against the immune system…. so its in every aspect of our lives and health. TOTALLY AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION AND ITS PROTECTIONS FOR AMERICANS AGAINST SUCH DOMESTIC ENEMIES.

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