FISH VACCINATION-Aquatic Veterinary Services

vax_inj_2Fish Vaccination, A Brief overview by Dr. Marian McLouglin, Aquatic Veterinary Services

Rationale for fish vaccination

What diseases do we want to control?

Ideal fish vaccines

Ideal fish vaccines

Types of vaccine available

Route of vaccine administration

Current vaccines and their efficacy and

Current vaccines and their efficacy and

Recommended vaccination programmes

Adverse reactions

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VLA COMMENT:  I understand that we have already destroyed 97% of eatable fish.  But vaccines for fish…this is beyond the pale!!!

9 thoughts on “FISH VACCINATION-Aquatic Veterinary Services

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  2. Joan Mootry

    Just when I thought that the controlling elite have implemented every possible evil that could possibly be implemented, we get FISH VACCINATION! After allowing myself a few well-deserved moments of horror, I began to realize that it actually makes perfect sense. I mean, after all, the majority of the 99% have been effectively mind-controlled to believe that we humans, and our pets and domestic animals, were born vaccine-deficient. So why not fish, too? I’m just so worried that we won’t be able to get to the rest of the wild kingdom in time to save them the perils of not-being-vaccinated. I mean, what about birds, leopards, alligators, beetles, iguanas, butterflies, snakes, deer, giraffes…? The list continues into the millions! Trillions, even! This is serious people! Surely you can see the urgency of allowing the necessary tax increases to prevent global mass extinctions. Call and beg your controllers to vaccinate EVERYTHING – immediately. They love it when you beg. And, don’t forget, it’s just as effective as voting.

  3. Desiree Rover

    Vaccines will create genetically and immunologically manipulated fish.
    When we eat these vaccinated fish, we are eating pathogens, recombinant DNA, oil based adjuvantia and other nutritionally and biologically aberrant information!
    What will all these do in the human body?
    Like with people, NO vaccine will EVER create true health.
    Healthy fish are those that freely swim around in their natural habitat, without stress, enjoying their original organic food patterns!

  4. Øivind Enger

    Just a few basic facts:

    -Many places, fish and shrimp are domesticized farmed animals like cattle or sheep
    -Like other farmed animals, fish are susceptible to bacterial and viral diseases
    -To avoid use of antibiotics and to secure animal welfare fish are given vaccines against such infectious diseases
    -Use of vaccines does not mean that the fish are being genetically manipulated in any way
    -The pathogens or fragments of pathogens used for production of fish vaccines are not infectious neither to fish nor to humans
    -There is NO difference to humans between eating a fish pathogenic bacterium and eating e.g. a the lactobacilli found in youghurt or cheese
    -We eat live and dead pathogens every time we eat
    -I have seen NO evidence that we have destroyed 97% of all eatable fish
    -I see NO way that the oceans primary production could carry a fish biomass 15 times today’s biomass

  5. Editor Post author

    Think about it though….we have millions of adverse reactions to human vaccines and therefore have a movement to stop the trend of which is now 54 vaccine doses by the time a child is 6 years old. Because of mankind’s lack of steward the earths fish resources sustainably when we are surrounded by oceans and freshwater, we “farm” fish and make them life in prisons, just like we do with humans and then because of the congestion we have to give them vaccinations that (as you see from the document) is accompanied by lots of adverse reactions. We are doing the same for animals. Eating fish that need to be vaccinated for various diseases as compensation for free and natural living can only harm humanity. You are what you eat!

  6. Øivind Enger

    Being a marine micbobiologist I can inform you that the diseases we see in farmed fish originate from wild fish stocks. Mass mortalities of e.g. herring have been repeatedly reported way before any fish farms were estabished and the reason has been shown to be bacterial infections.

  7. Øivind Enger

    If was never dealt with or handeled in any way but dead and moribund fish were investigated for infection and the resulting bacterial isolates were characterized. Later when diseases occurred in farmd fish – the same bacteria were shown to be the causative agents. Diseases do not only affect farmed animals.

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