4 thoughts on “VAXXED short with the injured children-THE AWAKENING IS HERE!

  1. Dee Wiess

    My grandson, now 25, had a most severe reaction to his first baby shots. He cannot see letters so he cannot read. No work, no college, sadness, future? single mother overworked and so sad.

  2. Editor Post author

    Yes, so sad. There are a lot of kids who had the same problem. I have a spanish kid that works for me…we had a long talk. His father was a school teacher in Ecudaor…now a pool serviceman. Very smart family. He thought he was stupid because he couldn’t comprehend the book unless the teacher read the book outloud. He compensated his education with books on tape and youtube documentaries, etc. Blessings now that Trump’s son Barron who apparently was vaccine injured is in the whitehouse. I will put you on our list.

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